Saturday, January 10, 2009

Important update from WHQ

Greetings club Leaders,

Recently, an email from one of the member from a district in North America has been distributed to clubs and district leaders throughout the world requesting that they provide Nigel Reed with updated contact/meeting information for each club, with the intention of plotting this information on Google Maps.

Toastmasters International is currently in the process of investigating this matter. In the interim, it is important that you know that the email that has been circulated by Mr. Reed is not an official e-mail from Toastmasters International and TI WHQ do not endorse it.

TI WHQ recommend that you and your clubs do not reply to the e-mail or provide Mr. Reed with any club contact information. It is important that Toastmasters International have current contact information for each club on file.
Please direct your clubs to the club business section of the Toastmasters International Web site in order to update club information.

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