Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Toastmasters - Never Shy to Embrace Dreams

While we worry and be concerned about the global financial slowdown, the news of job cuts and the current rainy season, remember that many people in this world are worse off than we’ll ever be.

But unless we take a moment to see things in perspective, we will be doing ourselves, and those around us, an enormous wrong - namely, to develop a distorted view of reality.

Whenever life throws you a curve ball, just remember all those times when it went easy on you, too.
Without the curves, you wouldn’t appreciate the pitches that enabled you to hit one out of the park.
Without the rain, we might not know to pack our bags hurriedly and head for the beach on a sunny day.
Without sickness, what would good health really mean to us?

The bad things in life really do help us to appreciate better of the good things. So we should not merely count our blessings.

We should be thankful for the falls we’ve experienced on life’s dance floor.
Without them, we could never have learned how to dance.
And in those most difficult of times when the dance music actually stops and the silence is out of your control, brace yourself and hold on to the floor.
Life’s band members are just taking a break to see if you are truly appreciative of their music. Just stay out there on the dance floor for the next song.

A toastmaster, never shy to embrace Dream, tells us that just holding on is a virtue. That next song will be played for you. It will come. Continue your Journey, participate and practice your presentation skills in your coming club meeting, achieve that dreams of completing your Competent Communicator, Advanced Communicator and beyond.
You have an another half of the term as we usher into the New Year 2009!

May the dreams of your past be the reality of your future.
I take this opportunity wishing you and all at home and loved ones,
a v
ery Blessed and Wonderful Christmas and a Great New Year 2009.

D51 LGET 2008/2009

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Non availability of New Members, renewals & educational awards facilities

As part of TI`s annual inventory process, adding new members, paying renewals or
submitting education awards will not be available until January 06th 2009 -Saturday Brunei/Indonesia/Malaysia time.

Submit application and dues/fees for my club’s new Member(s)Reinstated, transfer and dual members cannot be submitted online. Please fax or mail them with payment to World Headquarters. NOT AVAILABLE

Pay Dues for my club’s membersSubmit payment for renewing member(s) and new members added online but not yet paid. NOT AVAILABLE

Apply for educational award(s) for my club membersSubmit award applications here. NOT AVAILABLE

Please refer to my earlier posting on the same topic. :-

Division Performance as of Dec 19th 2008

Click on Chart to enlarge.

Division A, E, M, I, B, P & C have all achieved more than 50% of membership renewal goals while the District achieved 49.95%.

Division D met its' CC's Goal with Division H, E & I surpassed 50% of their Division CC's Goal above the district achievement of 39.47% at the moment.

Division I met its' AC's Goal with Division J, E & K surpassed 50% and higher than District achievement of 51.06%.

Division I & E surpassed 50% of their Division Leadership awards goals such as Competent Leader (CL), Advanced Leader (ALB,ALS) and Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). District achieved a low 31% on the leadership awards.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Toastmasters Website down / inactive December 20th 2008

The Toastmasters International Web site Will be Down! December 20, 2008

The entire Toastmasters Web site will be inactive Saturday, December 20, 2008, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time), for upgrades and maintenance.
Sunday, December 21st from 12am to 8am (Malaysian time)
Toastmasters International world headquarters appreciate your patience during this process and they sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that may cause you.

On behalf of Toastmasters International and District 51, We wish you a joyful holiday season and a very happy new year!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Area & Division Contest 2009

Greetings and salutations fellow Toastmasters!

Its' coming to the year end and with your club final meeting for the year, TLI training for club officers and interested members, Christmas and New Year's celebration including school opening in less than 03 weeks, surely you will be very occupied among other things in your calendar.

Contest for 2009! Plan on competing in, volunteering for, or attending District 51's upcoming Area & Division International Speech and Table Topics Contests this 2009.
See Toastmasters International 2009 Speech Contest Rule Book.

Toastmasters speech contests have three main purposes:
1) to provide an opportunity for proficient speakers and those Toastmasters who are interested in competitive speaking to gain contest experience;
2) to provide an interesting educational program for Toastmasters and the general public (contests can create a community awareness of the opportunities in the Toastmasters program); and
3) to provide an opportunity to those Toastmasters who are not participating in the the contest to learn by observing proficient speakers. They are also a great way to meet other Toastmasters outside of your club, to see the "bigger" picture and scope of Toastmasters, and above all - have fun!

Each of these contests begins with competitions at the club level.

Club winners compete at the local Area Contest.

Area Contest winners compete at the local Division Contests.

Division Contest winners will compete at the District April 2009 Annual convention in Kuching, Sarawak.

District International Speech contest winner compete at the Interdistrict contest in August 2009 in Foxwoods, Connecticut,USA.

Winner of the Interdistrict International Speech Contest will go on to represent the District not assigned to Region (DNAR) at the World Championship of Public Speaking (WCPS) Finals on August 15th 2009.

Contestant EligibilityIn general, to be eligible for any contest, a contestant must be a member in good standing of a club in good standing (dues current). If a member belongs to more than one club, the member may enter the club contest for each club where he/she maintains good standing. However, a contestant may not represent more than one club at the Area level, even if the clubs are in different Areas or Divisions. District officers may not compete in any contest.For the International Speech Contest, the contestant must have completed six speech projects from the basic Communication and Leadership Program manual.

For Areas with 4 assigned clubs or less, District 51 will allow the 2 highest placed contestants from each Club to compete in the Area Contest.
For Divisions with 4 assigned areas or less, District 51 will allow 2 highest placed contestants from each Area to compete in the Division Contest.

An updated copy of the 2009 Speech Contest Rulebook was recently sent to the club President. If you are unable to locate your club's, new copies may be purchased from Toastmasters International.

See the link below:Speech Contest Manual - Item #1173

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Division performance as of December 12th 2008

Click on the Chart above to enlarge.
  • Division D has surpassed the CC's Goal.
  • Div I has surpassed the AC's Goal.
  • Division A achieved 61.94% of the Membership renewals goal for the term~highest so far.

Please feel free to comment and seek clarification if needed. Keep well everyone!

Radio Interview on Toastmasters 16th Dec 11AM

Click to listen live ~ http://www.bfm.com.my/assets/media/bfmfeed.html

Our District Governor Joseph Gomez, DTM will be live on air in one of the local radio station here in Kuala Lumpur on 16th December 2008 Tuesday 11am to present information about Toastmasters and to discuss on some of the common mistakes that we make in regards to Public speaking and presentation and what can we do to correct them.

It will be at BFM 89.9, Malaysia's First Business Radio Station.
BFM is a 24 hour radio station focused on business news and topics. Think of CNBC or The Edge but on radio. Core programmes include latest business news and stock market reports from Malaysia and other financial centres as well as interviews with business personalities, financial analysts, entrepreneurs, technologists and marketers. BFM also offers business education programmes spanning areas like marketing, finance, technology and business productivity to raise the business proficiency of the Malaysian public.BFM targets business executives, finance professionals and the investing public. There is no specific age target as the business audience spans all adult age groups. It is their interest in business that defines the listenership, not their age.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Am back!

Dear Friends in Toastmasters,

My apologies for not updating the site for the last 8 days as I was back in hometown KK to be with my wife and family as my mother in-law was called home to be with the Lord on the 8th December. It's been a week of Rosary prayers.

I am now back and shall update the performances hopefully by the next two days latest.

God Bless......

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Educational Goal achievements by Division

District 51 Educational achievement by division ~ 14 division in total.....as of November 27th 2008 report.
Division D is leading after achieving its division CC's goal...... Division I is leading in the ADVANCED COMMUNICATOR goal by surpassing their division target.....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Toastmasters Leadership Institute 2 ~ TLI 2

These are the dates for the T L I 2 training for club officers and interested members in our district..Some information not available for the meantime and will be updated soonest.
Div Date Venue T ime
A 11/01 Cheshire Home,Tampoi
B 20/12 Sunway University College 2pm
C 10/01 6th floor, SEGI College, USJ 2pm
E 06/12 Bintulu
H 31/01 Medan Club
I 13/12 Chevron, Sentra Senayan I 10th Floor 10am
J 13/12 Chevron, Sentra Senayan I 10th Floor 10am
K 08/02
M 15/02 Selangor Hokkien Asso. 12pm
N 18/01
P 10/01 UPM Serdang 1.30pm
S 18/01 Intel Penang TBA
W 13/12 WIM Bldg,Taman Tun 2pm

District 51 Annual convention 2009

April 17th ~ 19th 2009
Crowne Plaza Riverside Hotel Kuching
REGISTER NOW for only RM 450 (Valid until 31st December 2008)
Normal Convention fee RM500
**Convention package includes convention kit, welcome dinner, 2 lunches, workshops, tea breaks, banquet dinner and speech contests.**
Payment by cheque must be made to Elenawati Yeap binti Abdullah
Enquiries: Email to kuching2009@gmail.com or
contact Albert George 0138021717
Website http://www.kuching2009.com/

Monday, November 24, 2008

World Headquarters Inventory Time~ Submit Education awards earlier

Advise from Toastmasters International that submission for new member kit, educational award etc will have to be by December 17th latest to get credit for the month of December 2008.
Important Inventory Notice

World Headquarter's Inventory Time is Coming!
It’s almost inventory time! Act early to avoid disappointing your members.

If you wait too long in December to place your orders, you may experience delays in getting your transaction processed.

In order to avoid problems, be sure to complete your transactions early in December. That way, you’ll have your materials and your members will be happy!

As part of TI’s inventory process, which is required by law, they will be unable to process the following transactions between December 18, 2008 through January 5, 2009.

This includes all submissions online and/or by mail:

  • Supply orders

  • New member kits

  • Charter kits

  • Education award certificates (including free advanced manuals)

Submissions received by Wednesday, December 17, 2008, 11:59 p.m., Pacific Time, will be processed and shipped.

Order received after that date will be held and processed after January 5 2009.
We suggest that if you can’t submit your transactions prior to December 18 that you hold your submissions until January 5 and then enter the information online. Submitting everything online will be the fastest way to get your materials.

Please be informed....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Palm Desert~New Convention Site for 2010 Toastmasters International Convention

Attached below excerpts from Toastmasters International announcement on the venue change for the 2010 annual convention.
New Convention Site for 2010! November 13, 2008

Nearly two years ago, in February 2007, Toastmasters International's Board of Directors selected Sydney, Australia, as the site of the 2010 International Convention. At that time, this was the right decision for the organization.
However, the recent global financial crisis and economic downturn have caused the organization to re-evaluate that decision.

After extensive financial analysis, taking into consideration the negative impact those economic influences have on the meetings, convention and travel industries, Toastmasters International has determined that conducting an International Convention in Sydney, Australia, would not be financially responsible at this time.

As a result, the venue of the 2010 International Convention has been changed to the Desert Springs JW Marriott Resort and Spa in Palm Desert, California - a property that has previously hosted two very successful Conventions in 1989 and 1998.

What does this mean for future Conventions held outside North America? World Headquarters staff will continue to assess that possibility and will provide the Board of Directors information allowing them to make a decision that is right for the organization and right for its members.

International President Jana Barnhill says, "While we fully acknowledge that many of our members will be disappointed, we could not ignore our primary responsibility to be prudent with your funds." In addition she points out: "We appreciate all the efforts of Elizabeth Wilson, the Host District 70 Chair, and the work her team has already done to prepare for a Convention in Australia. I hope they, and all of our members, understand that this was not an easy decision."

"Toastmasters International's Board of Directors and World Headquarters staff care deeply about the needs of the organization's 235,000 members around the world and they take their responsibility toward them very seriously," says Toastmasters Executive Director Daniel Rex.
"This was not an easy decision to make, but it is one that ultimately will benefit the interests of all members."

The Convention is an opportunity for men and women of all walks of life, career paths and educational interests to gather for an extraordinary experience. Meeting other Toastmasters from around the world, making new friends, reconnecting with existing friends and taking part in a superior educational program are hallmarks of a successful Convention.

With your understanding and support, we hope you will continue to make plans to join your fellow Toastmasters at the 79th Annual International Convention at Desert Springs JW Marriott Resort and Spa in Palm Desert, California - August 11-14, 2010.

Location:- Desert Springs Marriott Resort is conveniently located 13 miles southeast of Palm Springs and is a short two-hour drive from both Los Angeles and San Diego. The resort 11 miles from the Palm Springs Airport and connects with limousine service, taxis and rental cars.

Directions:- From Palm Springs Airport: Travel east on Ramon Road to Bob Hope Drive. South on Bob Hope Drive to Country Club Drive. Take Country Club east to resort.From L.A. Airport: Take I-405 north to I-10 east. Follow I-10 east to Cook Street exit (2 hours). South on Cook Street to Country Club Drive. West on Country Club to resort.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

District 51 Toastmaster of the Year 2007~2008

Mandy Ong Shiow Yee from Satu Hati Toastmasters Club......helped chartered, Mentored, Sponsored not one, not two but many clubs in Division P surrounding Kuala Lumpur and beyond. Congratulations Mandy!!!
Toastmaster of the Year winner for the term 2007~2008 goes to MANDY ONG.

Area Governor of the Year 2007~2008

The winner is Area Governor S6 Christopher Choong.
Congratulations, Chris! For such a fine performance throughout the term 2007~2008.

Division Governor of The Year 2007~2008

At the recently concluded Bali District 51 semi annual convention Hall of Fame night, District 51 2007~2008 Governor K K Chee, DTM presented the award to YOON PENG YEW of Division S.

Congratulations to PENG YEW on behalf of District 51!

K.Loghandran and District 51 Governor Joseph Gomez Live on Malaysian TV channel NTV7

Monday, November 17, 2008

District 51 Annual convention 2009

District 51 16th annual convention will be held in Kuching , Sarawak, Malaysia at the Crowne Plaza Riverside hotel on April 17th~19th 2009.

REGISTER NOW for onlyRM 450 (Valid until 31st December 2008) Normal price RM500.
Log on to www.Kuching2009.com for registration.

District 51 2008 Evaluation Contest

Winners of the District Evaluation Contest 2008 ~

Test Speaker : Aarti Mulani of The British Jakarta Toastmasters Club

Champion ~ Michael Xavier ~ Division N
2nd place ~ John Lee ~ Division W
3rd place ~ Ahmad Fakri ~ Division P

District 51 2008 Humorous Speech Winner


Winner : Stephen Fernando ~ Division C
2nd place : Roger Charles McGowan ~ Division W
3rd place : May Cheah ~ Division S

Memoirs of Bali with Love

Apologies for not able to update the information on Bali District semi annual District Council meeting and happenings for the opening, run-off's and educational session including the Hall of fame night as well as the welcome night beach party performances......
For your viewing pleasures!


District Governor Joseph Gomez discussing the closing ceremony with OC Veronica

Official Opening ceremony by Bali Tourism head representatives Drs.Gede Nurjaya
witnessed by International Director Poh Kim Siong (L) and OC Vika, District 51 Governor Joseph Gomez, Ibu Elly and Ibu Samoati.

International Director 2008~2010 Poh Kim Siong, DTM during the opening address

Ibu Mien D51 secretary along with Bapak Joseph before the District council meeting

Division Governors preparing for the District council meeting on Friday morning....
Mandarin Toastmasters clubs dinner on Thursday night. Seeing here is participation
from the delegates during one of the event lined up.
Div M members in action! The Courage to Conquer!
Registration desk at the lobby of Inna Grand Beach hotel Bali.
Pesawat merpati dengan Garuda di Lapangan terbang antarabangsa Ngurah-Rai

The hotel provides no internet connection in the room.....
Safely home now , arriving KLIA at 1005pm after flying out from Bali Ngurah Rai International airport, Denpasar at 715pm...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bali Semi Annual Convention

Waiting to board aircraft bound for Denpasar (DPS also known as Bali) for District 51 semi annual convention beginning tomorrow.
Mandarin sessions begins today with a dinner plan for the evening......
Should be able to make it on time barring any delay.....Flight scheduled to depart at 1515hrs and arriving at 1815hrs (615pm).

I will be updating this blog for tomorrow District council meeting and the executive council meeting including the welcome night beach party.

For more information, log in to www.Tmbali2008.com

International Director for District not assigned to region (DNAR) Poh Kim Siong will be coming in tomorrow morning and will grace the afternoon council meeting plus the welcome night..

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om.......which means Peace 3X

Annual Convention Sydney Cancelled, Moved to California

Dear fellow Toastmasters,

We received news from Toastmasters International Executive Director Dan Rex on the venue change this morning. Sydney 2010 is now cancelled and will be moved to Palm Desert, California.

Palm Desert is a city in Riverside County, California, in the Coachella Valley, approximately 11 miles (18 km) east of Palm Springs. The population was 41,155 at the 2000 census.Other cites in the Coachella Valley are Cathedral City, Coachella, Desert Hot Springs, Indian Wells, Indio, La Quinta, Palm Springs, and Rancho Mirage.

Please be informed! Ritchie D51 LGET

Dear District Governors and Lt. Governors,

I write to you today to announce a change in location for the 2010 International Convention. World Headquarters recently conducted an extensive Convention analysis, taking into account the global financial crisis and economic downturn, as well as the overall increased costs associated with holding the Convention in Sydney.

This led to a realization and decision that it would not be fiscally responsible to hold the 2010 Convention in Sydney, Australia. The new site for the 2010 Convention is Palm Desert, California. We hope you will join us and many of your fellow Toastmasters there!

We realize this will be a disappointment to many of our members, especially those in Host District 70, led by Elizabeth Wilson, whom we thank for the planning and work they have already done.Many Toastmasters saw the 2010 Convention in Sydney as a landmark in our history, a demonstration of the truly global nature of our organization.

As we continue to stretch into more than 92 countries around the world, I can assure you that our global roots are deep.We will continue to evaluate sites worldwide as potential locations for a future International Convention and look forward to holding an “international” Convention as soon as the time is right.

This was not an easy decision to make, but it is one that will ultimately benefit the interests of all members. Our primary responsibility at this time is to be prudent guardians of the organization’s funds.

We appreciate your understanding and support.

Best regards,Dan

Daniel Rex
Executive Director
Toastmasters International

Saturday, November 8, 2008

NTV 7 Featuring District 51 Champion K.Loghandran

District 51 2008 World Championship of Public Speaking (WCPS) 1st runner-up,

Loghandran Krishnasamy better known as Logi

will be appearing in the Malaysian Television

NTV7 Breakfast Show

on 10th Nov 2008~ MONDAY around 8:40am talking about public speaking

and of course Toastmasters and his winning!

Promote this amongst your office colleagues, friends at work,

and relatives, yes your relatives that have been hearing

about your Toastmasters Journey...

Savour the significant!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bali Semi Annual Convention

We will be having the Limited edition of
the BALI Convention Pin during the
coming semi annual convention.
If you would like to have them ,
please ensure to get them at the convention
or if you are not going, get someone to book those for you.......
www.Tmbali2008.com 14th~16th November 2008
08 more days!

World Champion fights for her life

I have just received news from our DNAR International Director Poh Kim Siong about Toastmasters WCPS 2008 LaShunda Rundles. I have personally met, talked, laughed and congratulated on her winning moments in Calgary alongwith our District champion Loghandran. She is now in a fight for her life.
Let us offer our prayers to her in your own ways.

Heavenly Father, Please help us in our time of need for a friend.
If it is Your will, please restore LaShunda to health and strength. Amen.

To quote Kim Siong ," We support one another, not only in our Toastmaster activities but beyond. At some point in our lives each one of us needs support, someone to offer a prayer for us. I write tonight to let you know that LaShunda Rundles, 2008 World Champion of Public Speaking is gravely ill and could use your prayers."

Kim Siong received the sad news from Jim Key-WCPS 2003 ( appended below)

One of my colleagues is in a fight for her life. LaShunda Rundles, the 2008 World Champion of Public Speaking, is in Baylor's Intensive Care Unit.
Angie detailed what's going on with her on her blog.
To read that account, click here.
Simply put, LaShunda needs a miracle. If you are the praying type, please pray for her as soon as you can. If not, please send all of the happy thoughts, well-wishes, and "good vibes" that you can her way.
By Jim Key ~ 2003 World Champion of Public Speaking

Monday, November 3, 2008

New Clubs Chartered in District 51 since July 01st 2008

I5 1252767 10/26/2008 Ipeka International Jakarta

M1 1251612 10/23/2008 Fo Guang Shan Mandarin Johor Bahru

N5 1252031 10/21/2008 Venture Bayan Lepas

B2 1244221 10/01/2008 Handal Group Puchong

C4 1244249 10/01/2008 Redtone Puchong

W3 1222775 08/18/2008 AFC Kuala Lumpur

A1 1222700 08/13/2008 Alam Melaka

C2 1211904 07/01/2008 HICT Klang

P3 1211889 07/01/2008 MELIA KL Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Confirm Eligibility for Speech Contests

Be sure your contestants can participate.

One eligibility requirement that causes confusion for clubs and districts is whether a contestant and club are in good standing. The following are considered to be in good standing:

A continuing member whose dues for the previous April - September period was received at World Headquarters before the club contest was held.

A new, dual or reinstated member who joined the club since the April - September dues period began and whose membership application and dues were received at World Headquarters before the club contest was held.

A club whose dues for the April - September period were received at World Headquarters before the club contest was held

Payment of October - March dues of the current Toastmasters year is not required for participation in contests held in September, October and November.

Toastmasters International WHQ encourage clubs and members to submit dues on or before October 1, but allow them to pay dues as late as November 30 before they lose their good standing.

Contact speechcontests@toastmasters.org to confirm that contestants are members in good standing. Your e-mail must include each contestant's full name, the club number and the contest date.

Membership in good standing of a club in good standing is just one eligibility requirement.

Please check Toastmasters International's Speech Contest Rulebook for additional eligibility requirements.

Division S Humorous & Evaluation Champion

Humorous Speech Winners:
Champion: May Cheah
2nd place : Andrew Oon
3rd place : Muthukumaran Kodiappen

Evaluation Speech Winners:
Champion: Teh Li Lian
2nd place : Carmen Loo
3rd place : Phang Wai Kheong

Monday, October 20, 2008

Division B Humorous & Evaluation Champion

Humorous Speech Contest
Winner: Sagadevan Singaravelu Club Number: 5611
MAS Mawar Toastmasters
2nd place: Dennis Wee Sung Ken Club Number: 7564
D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club
3rd place: Chris Chen Siew Yoke Club Number: 5606
MAS Cempaka Toastmasters

Evaluation Speech Contest
Winner: Jessy Chahal Club Number 5912
D'Utama Toastmasters Club
2nd place: Kay Wong Club Number: 5895
Taman indrahana Toastmasters
3rd place: Dennis Wee Club Number: 7564
D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club

Division C Humorous & Evaluation Champion

2nd place : S.K.RATNAM / EXTOL (4934) KL
3rd place : JEREMY TEO / NILAI Uni. Nilai, N.S

2nd place : YONG YIN MAY /SJMC (843147) , SUBANG JAYA
3rd place : ALVIN ANG / SUBANG TMC (7296) Subang

Division H Humorous & Evaluation Champion

Evaluation winners:
Champion: Osmon Sudilan
Club No 2968 Club Name:Polonia
First Runner Up: Susanto
Club No 1061192 Club Name: Sutomo

Humorous winners:
Champion: Agus Hidayat
Club No 6313 Club name: Deli
First Runner Up: Susanto
Club No 1061192 Club Name: Sutomo

Division A Humorous & Evaluation Champion

Division A held their contest on October 18th 2008 and provides me the names of the winner as follow :

Speech Evaluation Champion :
John Foo Club No. 8406 Johor Bahru

Humorous Speech Champion :
Bryan Soh Club No. 9449 Sacred Heart

22nd November 2008~Division B event

Just Let Your Body Talk ~ 22 November 2008
10am to 1 pm at Lafarge Malayan Cement,

Tioman Room, Level 12, Bangunan TH
Uptown 3, Jalan SS21/39, 47400 PJ

*Book your ticket from
Area Governor B1-Meyya (019-2725329),

Area Governor B2-Parasakti (019-2272593),

Area Governor B3-Joyce Tan (012-2369286),

Area Governor B4-Johnson Yike (017-8898438),

Area Governor B5-Irene Lee (019-3150878)

V i s i t D i v i s i o n B b l o g s p o t http://divisionb.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Advanced Communicator Goal

These are the percentage of Advanced Communicator achievement for the district and breakdown of all 14 division as of October 14th 2008.
Division I is leading the AC's achievement with 80% achievement of the AC's goal so far.

Competent Communicator Achievement

These are the percentage of Competent Communicator achievement for the district and breakdown of all 14 division as of October 14th 2008.

Division D is leading the CC's achievement by exceeding their year target of 35 CC with 42 CC so far. Congratulations and this is mainly due to the many CC's achievers by one of its club ~ Twintech TMC. Well done Division D!

This will also earn Division D 05 points for attaining the CC goal and more points will be added to their division when more CC's added......

Membership Dues Payment Oct 2008

These are the percentage of membership dues payment for the district and breakdown of all 14 division as of October 3rd 2008 updates.

Division A leading the renewals with over 97 % from its target for the first renewals of October 2008.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Courageous Club from Kuching

District 51 is so proud of Twintech Toastmasters Club,
Club # 3949 from Area D2 Division D Kuching.

They started their club with a base of 98 and has since registered 40 new members bringing the total to 138 members.

They have now achieved a staggering number of Competent Communicator totalling 37 members since July 01st including latest update as of today!

Congratulations TwinTech Toastmasters club and to all the CC's achievers, D51 salutes you!

CC 10/13/2008 Mohammed, Yasmin
CC 10/13/2008 Lee, Sze Wee
CC 10/13/2008 Sulang, Inta
CC 10/13/2008 LEE, YAU FENG
CC 10/13/2008 Rahman, Ruzilawati
CC 10/13/2008 Dayang Nurbaizura
CC 10/9/2008 Duduh, Marang
CC 10/9/2008 Jemat, Josephine
CC 10/9/2008 Wan, Lah
CC 10/9/2008 Sebli, John
CC 10/9/2008 Raboh Agas, Dami
CC 10/9/2008 Enkai, Joshua
CC 10/9/2008 Maramat, Donny
CC 10/9/2008 Sinaran, Roszie Rina
CC 10/9/2008 Megong, Serlema
CC 10/6/2008 Kamaludin, Hanim
CC 10/6/2008 Kamaludin, Hanim
CC 10/6/2008 Chubing, Katherine
CC 9/22/2008 Mohamad, Mariana Binti
CC 9/22/2008 Monica Nacha
CC 9/22/2008 John Nicheal, Magdalene
CC 9/22/2008 Syahrul Affendi
CC 9/15/2008 Emus, Suzieyanie Anak
CC 9/15/2008 Ambie, Patricia Anak
CC 9/15/2008 Anthony Hajok, Jonathan
CC 9/15/2008 Tan, Wee Ping
CC 9/15/2008 Marikan, Nor Afizah Binti
CC 9/15/2008 Yugas, Nelson Bin
CC 9/15/2008 Aman, Khairool Adzelan Bin
CC 9/15/2008 Malang Ulun, Agnes
CC 9/15/2008 Kiew, Frankie
CC 9/15/2008 Ali Omar, Nur Alizah Binti
CC 9/15/2008 Murat, Nicolson
CC 9/11/2008 Sim, Doreen Ying Ying
CC 9/3/2008 Danik, Suzanne
CC 9/3/2008 Chan, Hian Wing
CC 9/3/2008 Lee, Hui Hui

Saturday, October 4, 2008

11 Clubs achieving 5 DCP points or more

Clubs with at least 20 members or net growth of at least 5 members and 9 DCP points
1107056 I.E.U Toastmasters Club Area 4 22 35 9
Total Clubs: 1

Clubs with at least 20 members or net growth of at least 5 members and 8 DCP points
8039 Jakarta Motivators Club Area 3 29 39 8
6895 Maicsa Toastmasters Club Area 5 36 42 8
Total Clubs: 2

Clubs with at least 20 members or net growth of at least 5 members and 7 DCP points
6832 Miri Club Area 1 38 48 7
Total Clubs: 1

Clubs with at least 20 members or net growth of at least 5 members and 6 DCP points
5912 D'Utama Toastmasters Club Area 4 50 58 6
4067 Jakarta Club Area 1 32 43 6
Total Clubs: 2

Clubs with at least 20 members or net growth of at least 5 members and 5 DCP points
9699 Intel Penang Toastmasters Club Area 2 34 37 5
8515 Lutong Club Area 1 6 14 5
596885 Maranatha Club Area 5 29 30 5
7465 Sandakan Toastmasters Club Area 2 42 48 5
692744 Surabaya Toastmasters Club Area 4 23 33 5
Total Clubs: 5

Friday, September 19, 2008

Loghandran is No.2 in world public speaking contest

theSun Fri, 19 Sep 2008
Loghandran is No.2 in world public speaking contestLIKE Cuban American singer Gloria Estefan’s hot dance number, ‘The Rhythm’s Gonna Get You’, Loghandran Krishnasamy , found his very own ‘rhythm’ to make the country proud when he emerged first runner-up in the 2008 World Championship of Public Speaking (WCPS) in Canada last month.
Backed by 15 years experience as a toastmaster, Loghandran presented his captivating speech entitled ‘Finding The Rhythm’ to win the hearts of a 1,600-strong international audience at the annual event in Calgary, Alberta, on Aug 26.
His crisp, clear words and cutting-edge stories stole the thunder from most of the other participants, including those from Ireland, England and Australia at the qualifying rounds, who spoke in their respective accents.
"Generally, Malaysians are articulate and pronounce words which are easily understood. This may be a plus point for them in winning public-speaking contests," the 54-year-old corporate financial training consultant said in a interview.
WCPS, organised by Toastmasters International, saw the participation of about 25,000 toastmasters from 92 countries in the event.
Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organisation which teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs.
Annually, over 230,000 members from 11,000 clubs across 92 countries participate in WCPS where competitors deliver a seven-minute speech, judged on core message, speech development, language and delivery techniques.
Currently, Malaysia has 321 active toastmasters clubs, with more than 55 situated in Selangor and Klang Valley.
Loghandran, whose home club is the Speaker’s Dream Toastmaster Club (Malaysia) District 51, described his achievement as the highest honour in the international contest ever achieved by any toastmaster at Asian level.
He also received a letter from the Prime Minister’s office, congratulating him on the achievement.
Asked what inspired him to use the theme, ‘Finding The Rhythm’ in his speech, Loghandran said he chose the theme after observing the lives of people "who have everything but are not happy".
The success in WCPS had given him full conviction that his story-writing skills won the public speaking championship, apart from delivery, he said.
"I will be taking the writing skills to theatre, book writing and movies in future," he said.
Loghandran said he had always pursued a world-class standard, adding that taking part in the WCPS was a confirmation that he had achieved the standard.
"I also have this conviction that we can domestically be driven to world class," said Loghandran who hails from Kuala Lumpur.
Loghandran has so far won other awards in public speaking, including the World Taped Speech champion and PAN Sea champion in 1993 and District Speech champion in 1998 and 2008. – Bernama
Updated: 12:29AM Fri, 19 Sep 2008

sourced taken from The SUN newspaper dated 19th September 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Division Humorous & Evaluation Contest Dates

By now , all clubs would have conducted their Club contest as well as participating in an area contest. Listed below are the dates of the division finals in our district, please contact your respective Division governor for the exact time and location.......

Please feel free to give your invaluable feedback and if there is any extra information.....

Division Division Humorous & Evaluation Final
Div A ~ Johor, Melaka 19th Oct ~ Sunday

Div B ~ Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, East Coast
18th Oct ~ Saturday Sunway College 2pm

Div C ~ Petaling Jaya
18th Oct ~ Saturday SEGI College USJ

Div D ~ Kuching
18th Oct ~ Saturday

Div E ~ Miri, Sibu , Bintulu
04th Oct ~ Saturday 1-6pm Dynasty Hotel

Div H ~ Medan, Riau
End October ~ T B A

Div I ~ Jakarta, Indonesia
25th Oct ~ Saturday

Div J ~ Jakarta, Indonesia
25th Oct ~ Saturday

Div K ~ Sabah, Brunei
26th Oct ~ Sunday / Sabah Hotel Sandakan 9am

Div M ~ Mandarin Clubs
Evaluation~13th Nov / Humorous 14th Nov

Div N ~ Penang, Kedah
25th Oct ~ Saturday 2~6pm Intel Penang

Div P ~ Kuala Lumpur
18th Oct ~ Saturday 1pm Menara TM

Div S ~ Perak, Penang
12th Oct ~ Sunday

Div W ~ Federal Territory KL
25th Oc t~ Saturday/ Women's Inst.Mgmt, Taman Tun

Contact Person of Division Governor
E~mail & Cellular Phone
Div A Bernard Wong, ATMG, CL
016-702 2212

Div B Zaharah Ibrahim
019-385 4885

Div C KN Devan
012-320 8373

Div D Victor Foong
013-801 2681

Div E Bobo Wong
013~811 0323

Div H Sukiman Saragih

Div I Arlan Setiawan, ACG, ALB
62 81 8339119

Div J Hariyanto, CTM CL
6281 2812 1126

Div K Annie Cheng
012-8381 725

Div M Paul Cho Pow Ngen, ACB
6012-681 4180

Div N Eddy Chew
012 4908 285

Div P Dato' Dr. Wan Md Zin Wan Yunus
019-351 3056

Div S Charles Tan Chia Lih, DTM
012 4777 687

Div W Dr Sharon
012-2102 404

Friday, September 12, 2008



The first issue of District 51 newsletter “Courage 51” is out, simmering hot, from the oven.
In this issue, you can find

- D51 1st runner-up of WCPS, K.Loghandran , DTM

- exclusive interview with Chris Ford, DTM

- useful articles on speech contests from past district champions

- insights on how to tranform to a president’s distinguished club

- distinguished clubs/areas/divisions for the term 2007-2008

To read the newsletter, please download it from the district website at http://www.tmdistrict51.org .

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Educational achievements and Goals

Please endeavour to complete your educational goal/s living to the District
theme of having 'The Courage to Conquer'.

We will monitor your personal achievements in achieving COMPETENT COMMUNICATOR or ADVANCED COMMUNICATOR as well as COMPETENT LEADER & ADVANCED LEADER, DTM and be rewarded with an engraved DISTRICT THEME PIN 2008/2009 -
Thru your Division/Areas (Size 2.5 cm x 2cm ~Green on silver background. The font has been made bold)

Educational Award ~ As of September 10th 2008
July 2008 CC - 28 AC - 21 CL/AL/DTM - 30
Aug 2008 CC - 27 AC - 09 CL/AL/DTM - 09
Sept 2008 CC - 13 AC - Nil CL/AL/DTM - 04
District Goal
Competent Communicator - CC ~ 494
Advanced Communicator - AC ~ 141
Leadership Award - CL, AL, DTM ~ 303

Friday, September 5, 2008

Double Trouble Updates September 07th 2008

Eight Essentials of Effective Speaking
How to Speak With Humor, Substance, and Style



TIME : 5 ~ 7 PM

(Auditorium seats 184 only, please confirm by e~mail to Ritchierc@yahoo.com or SMS'es to Ritchie at 012~2939 272)

Humor, substance, and style: these are the big three in public speaking and David Brooks will show how each can be accomplished.

Participants can learn such critically important skills as how and why you should seek friendly faces in every audience, why you should write your speeches word for word, why you should know your rate of speech, how to bring life to your words with colorful images and examples, how to use six emotions to connect with any audience, why you should keep a personal story file, and how to get laughs even if you can’t tell a joke.

This program is packed with useful information and lots of laughs.

It also features audio clips from other World Champions as they elaborate on the points David makes.

~ David Brooks is an award-winning professional speaker and trainer who has taught more than 10,000 business professionals to speak and write clearly, concisely, and confidently.

For three consecutive years David was the top-rated trainer with an international seminar company, and he has spoken extensively across the U.S. and Canada, and in Puerto Rico, Ireland, Sweden, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Bahrain, Oman, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to his teaching, writing, and training skills, his skill as a public speaker has been even more prominently recognized. In 1990 he emerged from a field of more than 25,000 competitors to become the Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking.

Since then, he has taught, coached, and mentored six subsequent World Champions and dozens of finalists. He has been published in national magazines, and has appeared on nationwide television and radio broadcasts in the U.S., Canada, Taiwan, Oman and Tasmania. He was also once featured in a segment on National Public Radio.

In addition, District 51 will also be presenting to you the

2008 World Championship of Public Speaking Finalist and 1st runner~up winner in the recently concluded Toastmasters International 77th annual convention ~


You will able to witness Loghandran winning speech "Rhythm of Life" and hear his personal testimony of the sacrifices and preparation that he has put into the winning speech.

Call now or SMS 012-2939 272 your name, club name for your seat/s .

Sunday 07th September awaits you and your friends support.

Updates on Sunday Event ~ Double Trouble

Attention Toastmasters ~ Finalising final details......

For Sunday Double Trouble......David Brooks and Loghandran Special appearances.....

on Venue, Ticket and Flight Confirmation!!!!!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Real Soon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Double Trouble September 07th 2008 ~ Sunday

If you’re looking for a speaker who can persuade, inspire, and entertain... or, if you’re looking for a trainer who knows how to make learning fun...
...you just found him.

District 51 presenting World Champion of Public Speaking 1990

David Brooks, DTM

this coming Sunday 7th September 2008 5-7pm. (Within KLIA vicinity)

along with District 51 2008 World Championship Public Speaking 1st Runner-up

Loghandran Krishnasamy, DTM.

David Brook's is the author of The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters that will help anyone develop the presentation strategies and skills exemplified by the Master Presenters interviewed in this book, whether for a one-on-one presentation, a sales call, a talk to a small group, or a speech to an audience of a thousand or more. It is co-authored with Dr. Brad McRae, CSP, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Details to follow : Please reserve your seat/s thru District LGET Ritchie at Ritchierc@yahoo.com
or reply here at this posting.

More updates at this Blog by this afternoon ~ Friday 12pm.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


This campaign runs from 1st September to 30th September 2008.

The Objective of the Campaign is to promote Toastmasters and recruit as many new members possible while driving Clubs to achieve DCP Goals;

Rewards and recognition had been lined up as follows:

a) Every new member who joins in the month of Sept 08 will receive a Toastmasters International membership pin;

b) Every member who sponsors/recruits at least 3 new members in the month of Sept 08 will receive a COURAGEOUS token in the form of TI Voucher for USD10/-; ( Sponsor or Club Officer to advise LGM by 15Oct08 )

c)Every CLUB that achieves a minimum net growth of 8 members for the period Jul08-Sep08 will receive a COURAGEOUS token in the form of TI Voucher for USD20/-; ( Club President/VPE/VPM to advise LGM by 15Oct08 )

d) Every AREA that achieves a minimum net growth of 25 for the period Jul08-Sep08 will receive a COURAGEOUS token in the form of TI Voucher for USD30/-; ( Area Governor to advise LGM by 15Oct08)

e) Every DIVISION that achieves a minimum net growth of 100 for the period Jul08-Sep08 will receive a COURAGEOUS token in the form of TI Voucher for USD50/-; ( Division Governor to advise LGM by 15Oct08)

Rewards and Recognition in respect of this Campaign will be given upon
due verification from TI Database/records;

Please help blast this campaign to as many people as possible and create the
much needed awareness to grow the membership in D51. We should all work
towards making “Toastmasters” a household name in everyone’s life!

I appeal for all your help to promote this campaign and win the rewards
at the same time.

Drive with DETERMINATION , Create OPPORTUNITIES, SACRIFICE little time and effort & Flood ENTHUSIASM in chatting about Toastmasters to everyone you know and meet, at all occasions.

The simple TONIC of DOSE should take all of us to a greater D51 !

Should additional info or clarifications be required, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Humbly Yours

Thannimalai L CL, CC
LGM 2008/2009
Email : thanni6@gmail.com
HP : 012-4067074

Sunday, August 31, 2008

October 1st Dues

You can now start renewing your club Dues Online Starting Sept. 5 2008.

By now, your club president should have received the dues renewal invoice from Toastmasters International. We encourage you to collect dues from all members as soon as possible, and to submit them online.

Even if the invoice hasn’t been received, club officers can access a list of members online.
Just log in to the Club Business section of the Web site. Due date: October 1 2008.

Any questions, e-mail renewals@toastmasters.org.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

2008~2009 Membership Building Contest

Why Did You Join Toastmasters?

For most members it’s because someone invited them to a meeting.
What about you? Have you invited anyone to your club meeting lately?
Think of the people you know who should join Toastmasters.
Think of what Toastmasters has done for you.

The same can be said for many others, now and in the future. Give them the opportunity!

Aside from feeling good about your contribution, you can earn the following:

A unique 2008~2009 theme pin, for those individuals who sponsor five new members.

A Silver Star pin (NEW Design), the reward for those sponsoring 10 new members.

A Toastmasters necktie or scarf for individuals sponsoring 15 or more new members.

Monday, August 18, 2008

District 51 achievements recognised in 77th Annual Convention

District 51 have been recognised and presented with these awards at the just concluded Toastmasters International 77th annual Hall of Fame in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

1) President's Distinguished District

(Awarded to Top 6 achieving districts of Toastmasters International)

2) Presidents's Extension Award ~ District Governor K K Chee 2007~2008

(Presented to Top 3 District for outstanding achievement in club extension and retention)

3) Presidential Citations R.Sivanganam District 51 Governor 2006~2007

The Presidential Citations program was begun in August 1976. Toastmasters International recognizes those members whose dedication and service to the organization have helped it to grow and achieve.

4) Excellence in Education & Training awards signifies a district has been successful in achieving and exceeding Distinguished District program goals in Training & educational accomplishments.

Joseph Gomez, DTM -LGET D51 2007~2008

5) Excellence in Marketing award signifies a district has been successful in extending the benefits of Toastmasters to others and achieving & exceeding Distinguished District Program goals in club extension & membership growth.

Richard Chong @ Ritchie ~ LGM D51 2007~2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

WCPS Updates

World Championship of Public Speaking 2008 in Telus Convention centre, Calgary, Canada.

World Champion ~ LaShunda Rundles of Northeast Texas and Western Louisiana, District 50, Region III

1st Runner-up ~ Logandran Krishnasamy, Brunei, Indonesia & Malaysia, District 51 ~

DNAR ~ District not assigned to region

2nd Runner-up ~ Katherine Morrison, Rhode Island & Eastern Massachusetts, District 31 ~ Region VII

Saturday, August 16, 2008

World Championship Public Speaking

By 7pm Saturday evening Malaysian time, the World Championship of public speaking by Toastmasters Int will begin.
Loghandran Krishnasamy has been drwan to be speaking as contestant number 3.

We wish him all the every best of luck!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Annual Business Meeting & Elections

Telus Convention Centre, Calgary, Canada

Election of 2008~2009 international officers and directors.

Toastmasters International annual business meeting will be held Friday, August 15th 2008
(Malaysian time 16th Aug 10am).

Delegates will be electing for the office of International President, a senior vice president, a second vice president and a third vice president as in our home district candidate John Lau, DTM.

The campaign and candidates showcase has been a quite a successful outing for John Lau alongwith his Campaign Manager J 'Andree Brooks.
Good luck and awaiting the great ballots to be cast in less than 3 hours.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Creating History!

K.Loghandran beats the jinx for District 51!

Interdistrict Contest Speech B has now been concluded!

K.Loghandran won the Contest speech among 07 contestants.

He will now be competing in the WCPS final this Saturday!


For the first time, District 51 qualified for the World Championship of Public Speaking!

Well done Loghandran!

Supported by District trio, Ibu Maimunah, 3rd VP Candidate John Lau, Rebeccca , Ivy Lau & Barbara Jabu!