Sunday, August 31, 2008

October 1st Dues

You can now start renewing your club Dues Online Starting Sept. 5 2008.

By now, your club president should have received the dues renewal invoice from Toastmasters International. We encourage you to collect dues from all members as soon as possible, and to submit them online.

Even if the invoice hasn’t been received, club officers can access a list of members online.
Just log in to the Club Business section of the Web site. Due date: October 1 2008.

Any questions, e-mail

Saturday, August 23, 2008

2008~2009 Membership Building Contest

Why Did You Join Toastmasters?

For most members it’s because someone invited them to a meeting.
What about you? Have you invited anyone to your club meeting lately?
Think of the people you know who should join Toastmasters.
Think of what Toastmasters has done for you.

The same can be said for many others, now and in the future. Give them the opportunity!

Aside from feeling good about your contribution, you can earn the following:

A unique 2008~2009 theme pin, for those individuals who sponsor five new members.

A Silver Star pin (NEW Design), the reward for those sponsoring 10 new members.

A Toastmasters necktie or scarf for individuals sponsoring 15 or more new members.

Monday, August 18, 2008

District 51 achievements recognised in 77th Annual Convention

District 51 have been recognised and presented with these awards at the just concluded Toastmasters International 77th annual Hall of Fame in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

1) President's Distinguished District

(Awarded to Top 6 achieving districts of Toastmasters International)

2) Presidents's Extension Award ~ District Governor K K Chee 2007~2008

(Presented to Top 3 District for outstanding achievement in club extension and retention)

3) Presidential Citations R.Sivanganam District 51 Governor 2006~2007

The Presidential Citations program was begun in August 1976. Toastmasters International recognizes those members whose dedication and service to the organization have helped it to grow and achieve.

4) Excellence in Education & Training awards signifies a district has been successful in achieving and exceeding Distinguished District program goals in Training & educational accomplishments.

Joseph Gomez, DTM -LGET D51 2007~2008

5) Excellence in Marketing award signifies a district has been successful in extending the benefits of Toastmasters to others and achieving & exceeding Distinguished District Program goals in club extension & membership growth.

Richard Chong @ Ritchie ~ LGM D51 2007~2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

WCPS Updates

World Championship of Public Speaking 2008 in Telus Convention centre, Calgary, Canada.

World Champion ~ LaShunda Rundles of Northeast Texas and Western Louisiana, District 50, Region III

1st Runner-up ~ Logandran Krishnasamy, Brunei, Indonesia & Malaysia, District 51 ~

DNAR ~ District not assigned to region

2nd Runner-up ~ Katherine Morrison, Rhode Island & Eastern Massachusetts, District 31 ~ Region VII

Saturday, August 16, 2008

World Championship Public Speaking

By 7pm Saturday evening Malaysian time, the World Championship of public speaking by Toastmasters Int will begin.
Loghandran Krishnasamy has been drwan to be speaking as contestant number 3.

We wish him all the every best of luck!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Annual Business Meeting & Elections

Telus Convention Centre, Calgary, Canada

Election of 2008~2009 international officers and directors.

Toastmasters International annual business meeting will be held Friday, August 15th 2008
(Malaysian time 16th Aug 10am).

Delegates will be electing for the office of International President, a senior vice president, a second vice president and a third vice president as in our home district candidate John Lau, DTM.

The campaign and candidates showcase has been a quite a successful outing for John Lau alongwith his Campaign Manager J 'Andree Brooks.
Good luck and awaiting the great ballots to be cast in less than 3 hours.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Creating History!

K.Loghandran beats the jinx for District 51!

Interdistrict Contest Speech B has now been concluded!

K.Loghandran won the Contest speech among 07 contestants.

He will now be competing in the WCPS final this Saturday!


For the first time, District 51 qualified for the World Championship of Public Speaking!

Well done Loghandran!

Supported by District trio, Ibu Maimunah, 3rd VP Candidate John Lau, Rebeccca , Ivy Lau & Barbara Jabu!

Calgary, Canada

Greetings! District Officers Training for both Sunday and Monday is now completed.

Training was conducted by Acting Executive Director of Toastmasters International Daniel Rex.
Volunteer Services Manager Stephanie Demiris, DNAR International Director 2007-2009 Mohd Murad 2006-2008.

Interdistrict International Speech contest will be starting at 7pm 12th August -Canadian Time which is 9am 13th August ~Wednesday Malaysian Time.

District 51 Champion K.Loghandran has been drawn into Interdistrict Contest B and will be contesting as the 6th contestant out of 07 contestant.

At this point of writing, K.Loghandran is now undergoing microphone testing session at the contest hall....
Wish him luck and will update you all soon.
Any message , please write at the comments column!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


By J.A. Gamache 3rd place Champion in 2001 at
Toastmasters International's World Championship of Public Speaking

Stress before a speech can be avoided by proving to yourself that you deserve the right to speak in front of the group.
So before your presentation, make sure that your intentions are good, that you are competent enough to speak on the subject, and that you did your homework.

Too often we doubt ourselves. Since we're not sure that we deserve to be at the microphone, we get very nervous right before speaking. When this happens, our inner dialogue kicks in, ?
What am I doing here? I have nothing to teach them.
They're more skilled than I am!? and so forth.

Here are a few questions you should answer to erase your doubts and lower your stress ?before the game:?
1- Are your intentions good? Do you want to do good to the people who came to listen to you? Are you convinced that your message is important because it will help many people in the audience? If you have any doubts, you should change the content of your message until you are certain that your speech should be heard.
2- Do you have the qualifications to speak on that subject? It's normal to be nervous when you're an impostor trying to pass yourself off as an expert. Is this the case with you? Maybe you're too hard on yourself. It's not always necessary to have diplomas and ten years of experience to write a lecture on something. Your personal experience may be enough. When in doubt, ask the people around you if, in their opinion, your experiences are worth sharing. The important thing here is not to misrepresent yourself, or else you'll increase your stress, and rightfully so!
3- Did you do your homework? In other words, are you ready? Did you research your subject thoroughly? Did you practice your presentation? If you didn't do your homework, it will be normal for you to be stressed on the day of your presentation. On the other hand, if in all good conscience you know that you did everything in your power to be ready, you'll avoid pointless stress. For your next speech, check the above-mentioned points: make sure you're there for the right reason, you're skilled, and you did your homework. This way you'll stop doubting the legitimacy of your presence on stage and be less nervous on the day of your presentation.

©2008 J.A. Gamache All rights reserved. ---------------------------------
PERMISSION IS GRANTED TO REPRODUCE THIS ARTICLE in whole or in part if a copy of the reproduction is sent to J.A. Gamache at after publication and also provided that the following byline appears along with the reproduction:

This article was reproduced from the "Speaking in public with J.A." FREE electronic magazine, authored by J.A. Gamache, International Inspirational Speaker. To subscribe to his FREE e-zine or to find out more about his presentations, visit ---------------------------------

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

July Educational Achievers

Dear fellow Toastmasters,

Greetings! District 51 congratulates these courageous educational achievers for the month of July - Our very first month for the term 2008~2009.

Well done to the clubs and the achievers.... Browse thru these names and if you recognise them, please join us in congratulating them for their achievements.

It's all about Toastmasters - Empowers people to achieve their full potential and realise their dreams.

Complete your educational Goals today and most importantly this term...

Its all about you having and taking the Courage to Conquer your dreams when you first decide to join Toastmasters!
~ Improving oneself, Overcoming fear of speaking, Learning by doing etc......

01 ) 07 Courageous members achieved the Prestigious DISTINGUISHED TOASTMASTERS

Jayam, G. D'Utama Toastmasters Club
Soh Fong Wai D'Utama Toastmasters Club
Robert Tan Port Dickson Toastmasters Club
Djojonegoro, Wardiman I. Jakarta Motivators Club
Teddy Lesmana Jakarta Motivators Club
Arlan Setiawan I.E.U Toastmasters Club
Low Chye Seng Ukay Toastmasters

02) 21 courageous members achieved the


ACG Manickam, Meyyappa Deloitte KassimChan
ACG Seong, Lee Wei D'Utama Advanced
ACG Setiawan, Arlan I.E.U Toastmasters Club
ACG Hassan, Alban Hj Sandukong Sandakan Toastmasters
ACG Yee, Ong Shiow Satu Hati Club
ACG Low, Chye Seng Ukay Toastmasters
ACS Walia, Skl IEM Toastmasters Club
ACS Buja, Alexson Kelling Miri Club
ACS Kueh, William Lutong Club
ACS Hernawan, Harry Nizam Jakarta Club
ACS Yapp Chi Yen, Agnes Kota Kinabalu Club
ACS Howe, Eddy Chew Boon Achievers
ACS Fan, Chen Keat Speecom
ACS Sin, Siew Fun Maicsa
ACB Meng, Fu Hwa Henry Metropolitan Bilingual
ACB Kueh, William Lutong Club
ACB Setiawan, Johan Jakarta Club
ACB Joibi, Stanley Kota Kinabalu Club
ACB Chin, Norman Sandakan Toastmasters
ACB Mui, Chin Poh I T C Bintang Club
ACB Yong, Wai Yip Maicsa Toastmasters Club

3) 28 courageous members achieved the COMPETENT COMMUNICATOR

Jogulu, Kanniah Johor Bahru Club
Kanesamoorthy, Sharmini MIM Club of Petaling Jaya
Lorinda Ram, Aasharani Surian Club
Sendon, Catherine Chief Minister's Department
Wee, Jonathan Eng Ghee Miri Club
Ting, Luk Leh Bintulu Foochow
Hock, Tang Siong Bintulu Foochow
Siburian, Nazly Arfiyanti Medan First Club
Safrin, Drs Medan Miracle Pidato Club
Budiman, Andreas Intan Polonia Toastmasters Club
Mulkin, Mulyanah Sorowako Toastmasters
Mulkin, Nadia Sorowako Toastmasters
Ambarwati, Hernie Lippo Karawaci
Yee, That Hian Kota Kinabalu Club
Lee, Jia Jing University Club
Ku, Yun Boon Chung Hwa Alumni Assoc
Ku, Yun Boon Chung Hwa Alumni Assoc
David Deo, En Tien Chung Hwa Alumni Assoc
Mohd Rawather, Sahul Hameed B. YMSC Penang Bilingual
Raju Mohamed, HJ Faruk V. YMSC Penang Bilingual
Anak Jikoi, Louis CPA Kuala Lumpur Club
Lee, Chun Kit Gurney Toastmasters Club
Keong, Loh Chee Renesas Success Penang
Ramananthan, R. Kuganeswari MIA Toastmasters Club
Sei, Yap Mei Maicsa Toastmasters Club
Khean, Foo Poh Maicsa Toastmasters Club
Hor, Yuen Foong Maicsa Toastmasters Club
Chow, Phooi Phooi Maicsa Toastmasters Club

4) 11 courageous members achieved the ADVANCED LEADER SILVER & BRONZE

ALS Jayam, G. D'Utama Toastmasters
ALS Wai, Soh Fong Klang Bilingual
ALS Tan, Robert Port Dickson
ALS George, Albert AZAM Toastmasters Club
ALS Setiawan, Arlan I.E.U Toastmasters Club
ALS Low, Chye Seng Ukay Toastmasters
ALS Tan, Paul Pan Leong Money Mastery-KL
ALS Ong, Christine May Ee Mid Valley Club
ALB Setiawan, Johan Jakarta Club
ALB S, Iswahyudi Surabaya Toastmasters

ALB Tshin, Grace Chiu Kui Sandakan Toastmasters

5) 12 courageous members achieved the COMPETENT LEADER

Lau, John P. H. Connections
Hwang, Boon Huat Miri Club
Wee, Jonathan Eng Ghee Miri Club
Ongko Subroto, Carlo Carmen Jakarta Motivators Club
Pranata, David Surabaya Toastmasters
Firmansyah, Arry Lippo Karawaci
Ambarwati, Hernie Lippo Karawaci
Thien Kon Tzu, Andrew MCA Kota Kinabalu
Yee, Ong Shiow Satu Hati Club
Foo, Sunny Eng Ball MCA Bukit Gelugor
Tang, Sum Chee TTDI Toastmasters Club
Suat Hoong, Khoo Maicsa Toastmasters

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Last Call for Proxies!

Club Presidents! Make arrangements for your club's votes to be cast in TI International Convention.

All proxy votes will be cast in August 15th at the 2008 Annual Business Meeting in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
If your club has lost or misplaced its proxy, call or write WHQ with the name and address of your club president.
Please remember only one duplicate proxy can be sent to each club.
There are three ways a club can use its proxy:

Complete the proper proxy and give it to District Governor Joseph Gomez or myself and LGM Thanni in Penang who will be attending the convention.
You can also mail the proxy to our immediate past district governorKK CHEE, whose name and address appears on the reverse side of the proxy.
This allows the 2008-2009 district governor Joseph to cast your club's vote.

Note: Please do not mail your proxy to WHQ.

Time is running out - take steps to ensure that your club's voice is heard.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Bali Semi Annual Convention November 2008

Package Normal Price
Mandarin IDR1,000,000 MYR370
English IDR1,300,000 MYR480
Mandarin + English IDR1,500,000 MYR 560
Family Member Normal Price
Adult IDR550,000 MYR205
Children under 12 year old IDR450,000 MYR165
Accomodation (Single/Double)Net Price
Superior Garden Wing IDR525,000 MYR195
Deluxe Tower IDR600,000 MYR225

Terms and Conditions
All payments are non-refundable;
Accomodation is strictly based on twin sharing basis and breakfast for 2 persons;
Check-in time is at 12:00 onwards and check-out time is at 12:00;
Early check-in or late check-out is subjected to room availability;

All accommodation and convention packages will be confirmed
subject to the availability vacancy at Grand Bali Beach Hotel;

Package for family member includes Welcome Dinner,
1 (one) day tour with lunch and Gala Dinner;
1 (one) day tour: Niti Mandala museum, Renon -
Museum Puputan - Lunch @ Nusa Dua - GWK - Uluwatu.

Registration and PaymentTo register, save (download),
fill in and fax/email to us the Registration Form below:
Registration Form

For those who wish to pay by cheque or cash, kindly bank in into our convention account:

Name of Bank :Bank Niaga
Account Payee:BALI TOASTMASTERS ( Swift Code : BNIAIDJA )
Account No:047 01 09741 009

To confirm your payment, please contact:
Convention program & Registration Director
Susantry Sihombing (Susan)Fax.: +62 361 270737 Mobile: +62 812 3814682
Director of Finance Cahyo Triharyanto Mobile: +62 812 3887715