Wednesday, August 6, 2008

July Educational Achievers

Dear fellow Toastmasters,

Greetings! District 51 congratulates these courageous educational achievers for the month of July - Our very first month for the term 2008~2009.

Well done to the clubs and the achievers.... Browse thru these names and if you recognise them, please join us in congratulating them for their achievements.

It's all about Toastmasters - Empowers people to achieve their full potential and realise their dreams.

Complete your educational Goals today and most importantly this term...

Its all about you having and taking the Courage to Conquer your dreams when you first decide to join Toastmasters!
~ Improving oneself, Overcoming fear of speaking, Learning by doing etc......

01 ) 07 Courageous members achieved the Prestigious DISTINGUISHED TOASTMASTERS

Jayam, G. D'Utama Toastmasters Club
Soh Fong Wai D'Utama Toastmasters Club
Robert Tan Port Dickson Toastmasters Club
Djojonegoro, Wardiman I. Jakarta Motivators Club
Teddy Lesmana Jakarta Motivators Club
Arlan Setiawan I.E.U Toastmasters Club
Low Chye Seng Ukay Toastmasters

02) 21 courageous members achieved the


ACG Manickam, Meyyappa Deloitte KassimChan
ACG Seong, Lee Wei D'Utama Advanced
ACG Setiawan, Arlan I.E.U Toastmasters Club
ACG Hassan, Alban Hj Sandukong Sandakan Toastmasters
ACG Yee, Ong Shiow Satu Hati Club
ACG Low, Chye Seng Ukay Toastmasters
ACS Walia, Skl IEM Toastmasters Club
ACS Buja, Alexson Kelling Miri Club
ACS Kueh, William Lutong Club
ACS Hernawan, Harry Nizam Jakarta Club
ACS Yapp Chi Yen, Agnes Kota Kinabalu Club
ACS Howe, Eddy Chew Boon Achievers
ACS Fan, Chen Keat Speecom
ACS Sin, Siew Fun Maicsa
ACB Meng, Fu Hwa Henry Metropolitan Bilingual
ACB Kueh, William Lutong Club
ACB Setiawan, Johan Jakarta Club
ACB Joibi, Stanley Kota Kinabalu Club
ACB Chin, Norman Sandakan Toastmasters
ACB Mui, Chin Poh I T C Bintang Club
ACB Yong, Wai Yip Maicsa Toastmasters Club

3) 28 courageous members achieved the COMPETENT COMMUNICATOR

Jogulu, Kanniah Johor Bahru Club
Kanesamoorthy, Sharmini MIM Club of Petaling Jaya
Lorinda Ram, Aasharani Surian Club
Sendon, Catherine Chief Minister's Department
Wee, Jonathan Eng Ghee Miri Club
Ting, Luk Leh Bintulu Foochow
Hock, Tang Siong Bintulu Foochow
Siburian, Nazly Arfiyanti Medan First Club
Safrin, Drs Medan Miracle Pidato Club
Budiman, Andreas Intan Polonia Toastmasters Club
Mulkin, Mulyanah Sorowako Toastmasters
Mulkin, Nadia Sorowako Toastmasters
Ambarwati, Hernie Lippo Karawaci
Yee, That Hian Kota Kinabalu Club
Lee, Jia Jing University Club
Ku, Yun Boon Chung Hwa Alumni Assoc
Ku, Yun Boon Chung Hwa Alumni Assoc
David Deo, En Tien Chung Hwa Alumni Assoc
Mohd Rawather, Sahul Hameed B. YMSC Penang Bilingual
Raju Mohamed, HJ Faruk V. YMSC Penang Bilingual
Anak Jikoi, Louis CPA Kuala Lumpur Club
Lee, Chun Kit Gurney Toastmasters Club
Keong, Loh Chee Renesas Success Penang
Ramananthan, R. Kuganeswari MIA Toastmasters Club
Sei, Yap Mei Maicsa Toastmasters Club
Khean, Foo Poh Maicsa Toastmasters Club
Hor, Yuen Foong Maicsa Toastmasters Club
Chow, Phooi Phooi Maicsa Toastmasters Club

4) 11 courageous members achieved the ADVANCED LEADER SILVER & BRONZE

ALS Jayam, G. D'Utama Toastmasters
ALS Wai, Soh Fong Klang Bilingual
ALS Tan, Robert Port Dickson
ALS George, Albert AZAM Toastmasters Club
ALS Setiawan, Arlan I.E.U Toastmasters Club
ALS Low, Chye Seng Ukay Toastmasters
ALS Tan, Paul Pan Leong Money Mastery-KL
ALS Ong, Christine May Ee Mid Valley Club
ALB Setiawan, Johan Jakarta Club
ALB S, Iswahyudi Surabaya Toastmasters

ALB Tshin, Grace Chiu Kui Sandakan Toastmasters

5) 12 courageous members achieved the COMPETENT LEADER

Lau, John P. H. Connections
Hwang, Boon Huat Miri Club
Wee, Jonathan Eng Ghee Miri Club
Ongko Subroto, Carlo Carmen Jakarta Motivators Club
Pranata, David Surabaya Toastmasters
Firmansyah, Arry Lippo Karawaci
Ambarwati, Hernie Lippo Karawaci
Thien Kon Tzu, Andrew MCA Kota Kinabalu
Yee, Ong Shiow Satu Hati Club
Foo, Sunny Eng Ball MCA Bukit Gelugor
Tang, Sum Chee TTDI Toastmasters Club
Suat Hoong, Khoo Maicsa Toastmasters

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