Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Calgary, Canada

Greetings! District Officers Training for both Sunday and Monday is now completed.

Training was conducted by Acting Executive Director of Toastmasters International Daniel Rex.
Volunteer Services Manager Stephanie Demiris, DNAR International Director 2007-2009 Mohd Murad 2006-2008.

Interdistrict International Speech contest will be starting at 7pm 12th August -Canadian Time which is 9am 13th August ~Wednesday Malaysian Time.

District 51 Champion K.Loghandran has been drawn into Interdistrict Contest B and will be contesting as the 6th contestant out of 07 contestant.

At this point of writing, K.Loghandran is now undergoing microphone testing session at the contest hall....
Wish him luck and will update you all soon.
Any message , please write at the comments column!

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