Saturday, July 21, 2012



President's Distinguished District 
District 79* Khaled A. Matlagaitu, CC, ALB
District 41* Punita G. Singh, DTM
District 85* Ligo Y. Wang, DTM
District 59* Barbara J. Hoerger, DTM
District 76  Bunzo Suzuki, ACS, CL
District 34 Lucina Vazquez Miranda, DTM

District 20* Khalid A. Al Qoud, DTM
District 74 Erich Viedge, ACS, CL
District 43 David M. Townley, DTM
District 82*  Zameen Saleem, DTM
District 17*  Mark A. Richards, DTM
District 1*  Joan T. Lewis, DTM


District 3  Rose Beeson, DTM
District 81  Essie Gardner, DTM
District 55*  Linda D. Williams, DTM
District 25* Diana C. Patton, DTM
District 10  David M. Wiley, DTM
District 30* Srinivas R. Saineni, DTM
District 4* Jennifer Stephenson, DTM
District 42 Charles A. LeBlanc, DTM
District 31  Ben L. Lappen, DTM
District 52  Carolyn M. Cousins-Goldman, DTM
District 37*  Bryan E. Walsh, DTM
District 70* Kaylene M. Ledgar, DTM
District 51 Sue Chan, DTM
District 56* Karen G. Blake, DTM
District 58  Subbi P. Mathur, DTM
District 60* Phyrne A. Parker, DTM
District 36  Barry E. Piatt, DTM
District F  Wesley C. Hoover, DTM
District 72 Steve G. Bullock, DTM
District 71* James A. Hegarty, ATMB, CL
District 13  Stephanie D. Scott, DTM
District 29 Shushan M. Bartholomew, DTM
District 5 Rhonda D. Walthall, DTM
District 69*  John R. Kay, DTM
District 63 Andrea L. Burnette, DTM
District 38* Stephen Fraundorfer, DTM
District 68* Kimberly D. Boyd, DTM
District 49  Frank J. Vargo, ACB, CL

The districts appear in point order. 
Education designations are current as of the time of this publication.
The * denotes Excellence in Leadership Award for achieving Distinguished District for three or more consecutive years.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

World Championship Public Speaking - Semifinal contest Orlando, Florida, USA August 16th 2012

Semifinal Speech Contest District Assignments
The speech contest semifinals take place Thursday, August 16, and the nine winners — 
representing regions from around the world — 
will advance to the final WCPS round, to be held Saturday, August 18. 
(Districts have been randomly assigned to the contests. Districts in each event are listed in numerical order).

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Toastmasters International Annual Business Meeting Proxies by each club within a district

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Proxies for the Annual Business Meeting

Toastmasters International will send the official proxy notification for the Toastmasters International Annual Business Meeting to all club presidents and club secretaries via email by May 15, 2012.

Using the Toastmasters International website, clubs can determine electronically who will carry their votes: 

  • The club can send a delegate to the meeting.
  • The club may assign the proxy to the 2012 -2013 district governor.
  • They may also assign another active Toastmaster member.
If a club assigns the district governor as its delegate, the district governor in office at the time of the International Convention will be able to cast the club’s votes at the Annual Business Meeting. 

From the website, district governors will be able to see not only which clubs have assigned their proxies to them, but they can also find out which clubs have or have not assigned their proxies. For those clubs who have not submitted their proxies, district governors will be provided with the club president's name and contact information to allow the district governor to follow up.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

District 51 Nominations List for 2012-2013

District 51 Nominating Committee under nominating chair (IPDG) Immediate Past District 51 Governor Thannimalai L, DTM has successfully nominated candidates for District 51 office 2012-2013.  The results has been been forwarded to the District and District Governor Sue Chan , DTM has announced it recently.

Monday, March 26, 2012

How to Build a Toastmasters Club?

New Club Forms

Originating Opportunities
Organizing a new Toastmasters club can be a challenging, personally rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
If you’d like to get started right now, the following PDF documents have all the information and guidance you need to charter a new club:

Ready to Get Started?
Here is what you will need to charter your new club:
  • How to Build a Toastmasters Club: A Step-by-Step Guide (PDF)
    This is a full guide to give you every step of how to start a Toastmasters club in your area. Includes new club application and all information you will need!
  • Application to Organize (PDF)
    Fill out this form to officially start your own Toastmasters club.
  • Charter Membership Application (PDF)
    Each charter member must fill out the Toastmasters Charter Membership Application, which will be submitted with the charter paperwork upon starting a new club.
  • Charter Payments (PDF)
    Statement of total payment submitted for charter fee, membership fees and membership dues.
  • Charter Club Officer Information (PDF)
    All new clubs need club officers. Name your officers using this form and submit with charter documents.
  • Club Information (PDF)
    Submit vital information about your club - including club name, meeting time, location and contact details. 

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Toastmasters International 2012-2013 Regional Advisor Team

Toastmasters International has announced the 2012-2013 Region Advisor team on 01st March 2012. These volunteers will serve as an essential link between the districts and World Headquarters. Congratulations to all!  They will be serving for the term beginning March 01st 2012 until June 30th 2013.

Eric Vaughn, DTM 
Region 1 

Joe Madley, DTM 
Region 2 

Stanley See, DTM 
Region 3 

Stephen Shaner, DTM 
Region 4 

Dietmar Wagenknecht, DTM, PID 
Region 5 

Vera Johnson, DTM 
Region 6 

Sharon Anita Hill, DTM 
Region 7 

Richard Furbush, DTM 
Region 8 

Debra Cartier, DTM 
Region 9 

Edith Ferrari-D'Angelo, DTM 
Region 10 

Uma Radhakrishnan, DTM 
Region 11 

Barrie Fuller, DTM 
Region 12 

Yingdan Liu, DTM 
Region 13 

Ho Fong Ming, DTM 
Region 14 

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A look at Toastmasters International

For the first time in 70 years, Toastmasters International, the world's largest non-profit organization dedicated to teaching communication and leadership skills, 
is updating its brand. The organization unveiled its new brand identity at its 
International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 17th 2011.

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As part of the rebranding effort, the organization has updated its logo, colors, fonts, imagery and messaging to make Toastmasters' identity clearer, increase awareness of its impact around the world and focus more on leadership.