Saturday, May 30, 2009

Club Membership Status as of May 29th 2009

As of May 29th 2009, there are 297 paid clubs in District 51.
177 clubs are with membership of 20 or more which represents 59% of the total paid clubs.
24 clubs are with membership of 17-19 members - 8%.
38 clubs are with membership of 13-16 members - 13%.
58 clubs are with membership of below 13 - 20%.
Let's continue to have the Courage to Conquer that all clubs within your area and division falls under membership of 20 or above.
Please update your club membership renewals soonest before ned of June 30th 2009.

Friday, May 22, 2009

2009 International Speech Contest Winners

2009 International Speech Contest Winners
Want to know who won your district’s International Speech Contest?
The results are posted right here through this link by TI WHQ 2009 ISC District
Winners and updated each week as they receive the results from each district governors.

Take a look and keep up with how your favorite contestant is doing.

KL Genting semi annual convention Oct 23rd -25th 2009

The KL GENTING 2009 Semi-Annual Convention for District 51 will be held at the
Genting International Convention Centre,
Kuala Lumpur on October 23rd - 25th 2009.
Convention Focus & Theme
The focus on the convention is to provide a platform for
toastmasters’ members to gather to share and experience the
“Absolutely Magicalfeeling,
which is the theme of our convention.

Convention Packages* Individual for English/Mandarin combined
RM400.00 per person
Limited offer up till May 31st 2009

Please register your interest with Gerald Quinten, DTM, Organising Chair
to the KL Genting 2009 Semi Annual Convention Organizing Committee.
E-mail address:

Spread this great news and events to all friends, colleagues or
as a gift to your staff for an enriching experience!

Do a small favor for the District, if you are unable to attend , please at least forward this information to others in your clubs or five outside friends.
Toastmasters : The Courage to Conquer

Monday, May 18, 2009

Division Goals and Performances as of May 15th 2009

Competent Communicator ~ Division C, D, E & H have met their goals set out at the beginning of the term based on 3.5% of their membership base.
Division W at 90%, Div P & N above 80%, Div I, A & J above 70% while Division B, S, K & M are below 70% from their CC's goal.

Advanced Communicator ~ Division I, E, N , J , W, K, A & H have met their goals based on 1% of their division membership base.
Division C at 92.3%, Division S, B, D & P above 80% from goals and Division M at 57.14%.

Leadership award ~ Division I & E have met their Leadership Goal of CL, ALB, ALS, DTM.
Division W, B & S are now above 90% from their goal, Division N above 80%, Division K above 70%, Division C, H & M at the 60+% mark, Division A, P , J & D are below the 60% mark.
Membership Renewals ~ Division A, I, P, E, B, C & M have met their membership renewals goals. Division W & K above the 90+% mark and Division S, H , J , N & D are below the 90% mark.

Club Goal ~ Division I have a surplus of 03 clubs from goal, Division A & P have met their goal, Division B, C, E, H, M & W are short of 02 clubs from goal, Division D, K & S are short of 05 clubs from goal, Division J short of 7 clubs and Division N short of 8 clubs from goal.

District 51 Items on Sale

District items (limited stock available) on sale. District 51 Courage to Conquer T-Shirt – RM 30 each

District 51 Courage to Conquer Paper Weight – RM 20 each

District 51 Courage to Conquer Pin – RM 5 each

If all three items are ordered together, the total will be RM 50 (saving of RM5).
Courier can be arranged – Peninsula RM 7.75 and Sabah & Sarawak RM 17.
Payment must be made to the district account – Alliance Bank – 120600010038526

Account name – Joseph Gomez & Richard Chong @Ritchie.
Please place your order by emailing to district governor Joseph Gomez @ and copying district treasurer Lim Kah Hong @

Tuesday, May 12, 2009