Monday, May 18, 2009

Division Goals and Performances as of May 15th 2009

Competent Communicator ~ Division C, D, E & H have met their goals set out at the beginning of the term based on 3.5% of their membership base.
Division W at 90%, Div P & N above 80%, Div I, A & J above 70% while Division B, S, K & M are below 70% from their CC's goal.

Advanced Communicator ~ Division I, E, N , J , W, K, A & H have met their goals based on 1% of their division membership base.
Division C at 92.3%, Division S, B, D & P above 80% from goals and Division M at 57.14%.

Leadership award ~ Division I & E have met their Leadership Goal of CL, ALB, ALS, DTM.
Division W, B & S are now above 90% from their goal, Division N above 80%, Division K above 70%, Division C, H & M at the 60+% mark, Division A, P , J & D are below the 60% mark.
Membership Renewals ~ Division A, I, P, E, B, C & M have met their membership renewals goals. Division W & K above the 90+% mark and Division S, H , J , N & D are below the 90% mark.

Club Goal ~ Division I have a surplus of 03 clubs from goal, Division A & P have met their goal, Division B, C, E, H, M & W are short of 02 clubs from goal, Division D, K & S are short of 05 clubs from goal, Division J short of 7 clubs and Division N short of 8 clubs from goal.

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