Sunday, August 3, 2008

Last Call for Proxies!

Club Presidents! Make arrangements for your club's votes to be cast in TI International Convention.

All proxy votes will be cast in August 15th at the 2008 Annual Business Meeting in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
If your club has lost or misplaced its proxy, call or write WHQ with the name and address of your club president.
Please remember only one duplicate proxy can be sent to each club.
There are three ways a club can use its proxy:

Complete the proper proxy and give it to District Governor Joseph Gomez or myself and LGM Thanni in Penang who will be attending the convention.
You can also mail the proxy to our immediate past district governorKK CHEE, whose name and address appears on the reverse side of the proxy.
This allows the 2008-2009 district governor Joseph to cast your club's vote.

Note: Please do not mail your proxy to WHQ.

Time is running out - take steps to ensure that your club's voice is heard.

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