Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Division Humorous & Evaluation Contest Dates

By now , all clubs would have conducted their Club contest as well as participating in an area contest. Listed below are the dates of the division finals in our district, please contact your respective Division governor for the exact time and location.......

Please feel free to give your invaluable feedback and if there is any extra information.....

Division Division Humorous & Evaluation Final
Div A ~ Johor, Melaka 19th Oct ~ Sunday

Div B ~ Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, East Coast
18th Oct ~ Saturday Sunway College 2pm

Div C ~ Petaling Jaya
18th Oct ~ Saturday SEGI College USJ

Div D ~ Kuching
18th Oct ~ Saturday

Div E ~ Miri, Sibu , Bintulu
04th Oct ~ Saturday 1-6pm Dynasty Hotel

Div H ~ Medan, Riau
End October ~ T B A

Div I ~ Jakarta, Indonesia
25th Oct ~ Saturday

Div J ~ Jakarta, Indonesia
25th Oct ~ Saturday

Div K ~ Sabah, Brunei
26th Oct ~ Sunday / Sabah Hotel Sandakan 9am

Div M ~ Mandarin Clubs
Evaluation~13th Nov / Humorous 14th Nov

Div N ~ Penang, Kedah
25th Oct ~ Saturday 2~6pm Intel Penang

Div P ~ Kuala Lumpur
18th Oct ~ Saturday 1pm Menara TM

Div S ~ Perak, Penang
12th Oct ~ Sunday

Div W ~ Federal Territory KL
25th Oc t~ Saturday/ Women's Inst.Mgmt, Taman Tun

Contact Person of Division Governor
E~mail & Cellular Phone
Div A Bernard Wong, ATMG, CL
016-702 2212

Div B Zaharah Ibrahim
019-385 4885

Div C KN Devan
012-320 8373

Div D Victor Foong
013-801 2681

Div E Bobo Wong
013~811 0323

Div H Sukiman Saragih

Div I Arlan Setiawan, ACG, ALB
62 81 8339119

Div J Hariyanto, CTM CL
6281 2812 1126

Div K Annie Cheng
012-8381 725

Div M Paul Cho Pow Ngen, ACB
6012-681 4180

Div N Eddy Chew
012 4908 285

Div P Dato' Dr. Wan Md Zin Wan Yunus
019-351 3056

Div S Charles Tan Chia Lih, DTM
012 4777 687

Div W Dr Sharon
012-2102 404

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