Thursday, February 4, 2010

January 2010 - Highest AC/CC achievers this term

I am pleased to update you the educational award achievers till date. 
The month of January 2010 has been the single most successful educational award achievers for our district this term. 
We recorded the highest registration of Competent Communicator and Advanced Communicator in the month of January compare with the rest of the month beginning July 2009. 
On Leadership award which comprises of CL, ALB, ALS & DTM award, January recorded the 2nd highest achievers after July 2009. 
We are hopeful that this month February onwards, we will be witnessing an increase of educational awards achievers. We will keep track of your personal achievements and live up to the district theme of being a Toastmasters: Speaking Your Way to Magical Transformation! Keep up the great work and please accept our heartiest congratulations for your achievement and contribution to your club, area, division and district!

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