Saturday, June 19, 2010

6 Clubs qualified for JUNE 2010 D51 Club Membership campaign -June 18th 2010

Dear District 51 members,(pls share this achievement and campaign with your area members)

The club executive committees will be presented with the District 51 logo theme collar pin. Congratulations!

Div Club Name New member
C Nilai UC  26
W MIA   12
C Surian Club 8
I Jakarta Advanced   5
N Penang Altera   5
S Penang Junior Chamber 5

*Campaign ~ As for club, any clubs that registered at least 05 new, dual or reinstatement of members in the month of JUNE 2010, their Club Executive committees as in Club President, VPE, VPM, VPPR, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant at arms will be receiving the District 51 2009/2010 Logo pin. (All this can be verified by latest August 2010)

(These clubs will also Earn the "Beat the Clock" award! from Toastmasters International.
Clubs adding five new, dual or reinstated members during May & June receive a "Beat the Clock" ribbon to display on the club’s banner.   
To receive credit as a sponsor, your name must appear on the application for Toastmasters club membership (Item 400) along with your home club number. New, dual and reinstated members count for credit; transfer and charter members do not.  All applications must be received at World Headquarters no later than June 30 to qualify)
2) District 51 Individual Membership Recruitment Campaign June 2010
As announced on June 11th, we have reviewed the June Individual membership recruitment campaign and decided that any individual members that recruited only 03 members instead of originally plan 5 members will be presented with TI outstanding member pin AND the District 51 2009/2010 specially made District logo theme collar pin.

Keep well and thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm towards the end of our Toastmasters term 2009/2010!
Enjoy the football fever and our own Toastmasters little world cup membership campaigns!

Ritchie ~ District 51 2009/2010

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