Friday, October 22, 2010

Toastmasters International celebrates its 86th year anniversary

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Today, October 22nd 2010, we celebrate the 86th anniversary of this wonderful distinguished organization. 
Happy Toastmasters day to all members especially in District 51, District 87 and region 14 and the world over.          Let's Achieve Greatness Together.
 When people hear the word “basement,” they’re not likely to picture the home of a global communication and leadership-development organization. But a basement in the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), in Santa Ana, California, is exactly where Ralph C. Smedley held the first meeting of what would eventually become Toastmasters International.
The date was October 22, 1924.
Mission, Vision and Values
Mission Toastmasters International is the leading movement devoted to making effective oral communication a worldwide reality.
Through its member clubs, Toastmasters International helps men and women learn the arts of speaking, listening, and thinking – vital skills that promote self-actualization, enhance leadership potential, foster human understanding, and contribute to the betterment of mankind.
Toastmasters World Headquarters in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, USA.It is basic to this mission that Toastmasters International continually expand its worldwide network of member clubs, thereby offering ever-greater numbers of people the opportunity to benefit from its programs.
Vision Toastmasters International empowers people to achieve their full potential and realize their dreams. Through our member clubs, people throughout the world can improve their communication and leadership skills, and find the courage to change.
ValuesToastmasters International’s core values are integrity, dedication to excellence, service to the member, and respect for the individual. These are values worthy of a great organization, and we believe we should incorporate them as anchor points in every decision we make. Our core values provide us with a means of not only guiding but also evaluating our operations, our planning, and our vision for the future.
Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of meeting locations.
Headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, the organization has more than 260,000 members in over 12,500 clubs in 113 countries. Since 1924, Toastmasters International has helped people of all backgrounds become more confident in front of an audience.

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