Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy 87th Birthday Toastmasters International

Toastmasters Turns 87 Oct 22nd 2011!

The first Toastmasters meeting had a modest but noble goal: To help people improve their speaking skills in a supportive, informal atmosphere. As word spread about Ralph Smedley’s experiment in Santa Ana, California, people in nearby communities, and even other states, began requesting permission to start their own Toastmasters clubs.

As Toastmasters International celebrates its 87th anniversary this week, the organization continues to thrive, helping more people than ever develop the communication skills and confidence they need to become leaders in their fields. Membership is at an all-time high, with more than 270,000 members in over 13,000 clubs in 116 countries. 

Toastmasters International continues to meet members’ needs through club meetings, district conferences, the Toastmasters website and other events.  

From a small gathering in a YMCA basement in 1924 to a global organization, the Toastmasters story is one of dramatic growth and success. To learn more about Toastmasters’ history, visit the Virtual Museum and the Toastmasters International Timeline

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