Monday, March 16, 2009

Toastmasters Proxies are coming

The Proxies are Coming
The official Toastmasters International world headquarters proxies for the August 14th 2009 78th Annual Toastmasters International Business meeting to be held in Mashantucket, Connecticut, U.S.A. will be mailed to club presidents of record on March 31 2009.
Club Presidents in District 51 expect to receive them by latest the 2nd week of April 2009.

They are being mailed in a blue envelope with the words “IMPORTANT PROXY INFORMATION” printed on the front of the envelope.
Club President to tender the proxy to District 51 Governor Joseph Gomez (self addressed DG51 in envelope attached by TI WHQ)
or bring it to Kuching convention in April 17th-19th 2009 and pass it to the District 2009 Proxy Co-ordinator Wendy Wong, DTM
or D51 Governor Joseph Gomez, DTM.

Take the following steps to help our district survive the annual proxy chase:
Clubs to update their club officer information immediately through the Toastmasters Web site Clubs business portal or notify WHQ by mail, fax or phone. This will ensure that each proxy card is mailed to the appropriate person. (Sometimes the club officer list at WHQ is outdated and the proxy is sent to the former club president. Be sure the club president checks with the former officers to see if one of them received the proxy card.)
If you as club president do not receive the proxy card through postage by April 24th 2009, describe that the proxy card to confirm that it was never received, or was set aside or accidentally thrown away. Duplicate proxies can be requested by e-mail to WHQ will start honoring requests for duplicate proxies starting on April 27 2009. Include the club/district number and the current president’s name and address. Remember, WHQ can send only one duplicate proxy card per club, which must be mailed to the club president.

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