Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Advanced Communicator Goals achieved!

As of last night update, our district have achieved the Advanced Communicator goal of 153 AC's set by Toastmasters International for this term based on the 1% from our district membership base.

A big thank you goes to the Club Vice President Education, Club President, Area Governor and of course Division Governor for the constant support and follow up to the club members since beginning of the term.

08 out 15 divisions have met their Advanced Communicator goal while the remaining 07 Division are past their half way target and goal.

My sincere thanks and heartiest congratulations goes to our district Lieutenant Governor Education & Training (LGET) Mohd.Ariff and Thanni for their support.
All senior District team officers for their PR work and encouragement to all.

Congratulations to all achievers and our district admiration goes to all the 153 Advanced Communicators
educational achievers for simply living up to the district theme of :-

Toastmasters: Speaking Your Way to Magical Transformation

To all the clubs, a reminder to the incentive offered if your club achieved the "Distinguished Club Status"  from LGET office by April 30th 2010.
  • Achieve a minimum of 05 DCP goals by April 30th 2010 with April 2010 dues remitted on time to TI WHQ.
  • Of the minimum 5 DCP Goals, 02 of the goals should be the mandatory achievements of 02 CC's and 01 AC's.
That's all, and your club will be recognized with an unique recognition on stage at the Miri Annual Convention 2010 May 21st-23rd.
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