Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No more paper proxies for Clubs

Beginning this year, in an effort to simplify the process, reduce costs and minimize the environmental impact, hard-copy proxy forms will no longer be mailed to each club president for the Toastmasters annual business meeting on August 14th 2010.
Toastmasters International have sent the official proxy notification for the Toastmasters International Annual Business Meeting to club presidents via e-mail in May 2010. Using the Toastmasters Web site, clubs can determine electronically who will carry their votes:
  • The club can send a delegate to the meeting.
  • The club may assign the proxy to the 2010 -2011 district governor.
  • They may also assign another active Toastmaster member.
If a club assigns the district governor as its delegate, the district governor in office ( Thannimalai ) at the time of the International Convention will be able to cast the club’s votes at the Annual Business Meeting.

Club President 2009/2010, If you have not determine who will carry your club proxy, please log in using the Toastmasters web site into your club and delegate the 2010-2011 district governor to carry the votes.

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