Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Area I4 Surabaya & Jakarta

One particular area in D51 - Surabaya & Jakarta is thriving. Under the able leadership of Division Governor Arlan Setiawan & Area I4 Governor Wardiman, they have churned out clubs in Surabaya which is nowhere to be seen within D51.

Area I4 under Area Governor Wardiman Djojonegoro started the term with 05 clubs as base. 02 clubs in Jakarta, 02 in Surabaya and 01 club in Sorowako, Sulawesi.
Excellence & Masterpiece TMC in Jakarta, Surabaya & Dynamic in Surabaya and Sorowako TMC in Sorowako, Sulawesi.
City distance from Jakarta to Surabaya, Indonesia: 413 miles or 665 kilometers.
Surabaya is Indonesia's 2nd largest city, and the capital of the province of East Java. It is located on the northern shore of eastern Java at the mouth of the Mas River and along the edge of the Madura strait.
Soroako, also spelled Sorowako, is a small mining town in the north-east of South Sulawesi province, in the centre of Sulawesi island in Indonesia.

Earlier this month February 1st, Area I4 added 03 more new clubs in Surabaya, making it a total of 8 clubs in Area I4.
1280492 New Club - 02/01/2009 UC Toastmasters Club
1280543 New Club - 02/01/2009 UC2 Toastmasters Club
1280601 New Club - 02/01/2009 I.E.U Toastmasters Club

Today, I was informed that 02 more new clubs - UPH SURABAYA & ITS Surabaya will be submitted next week. This will make a total of 10 clubs in Area I4. What a great achievement for Surabaya...
Please send Arlan & Wardiman your personal congratulatory messages to
ARLAN SETIAWAN & for their outstanding service and contributions to their area, division and the district and obviously to the organisation.......

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Great information. At this rate, Indonesia will be able to form their own District. Keep up the great work, Indonesia Toastmasters.