Thursday, February 5, 2009

David Brooks Magic Moment 1990 WCPS

Magic Moments 1 & 2
By David Brooks - WCPS 1990 Champion

Want a better speech? Start with better parts.
Learn what all great speakers know: the greatest speeches are built on a foundation of magic moments. Watch and learn from Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking finalists who demonstrate dozens of specialized speaking skills.
This two-volume set of DVDs features Magic Moments 1, the best-selling educational program ever recorded at a Toastmasters International convention, as it was recorded live at the 2001 convention in Anaheim, California. It also features the equally popular follow-up program, Magic Moments 2, which was recorded live at the 2004 convention in Reno, Nevada.

In these two video disks, you can learn by watching superlative examples of such critical skills as gestures and body language, rhythm and momentum, repetition and restatement, theme development and reinforcement, and movement and staging. In addition, you will see how the masters use natural humor, crisp writing, and personal stories to make their messages memorable.

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