Monday, February 9, 2009

Calling for 2009/2010 Nominations

District 51 Calling for 2009/2010 nominations
District 51 will soon call for NominationsNominate yourself or others for leadership roles in District 51!All District 51 Toastmasters in good standing, from clubs in good standing, are entitled to nominate themselves and others to positions that serve Toastmasters across District 51.
Gain leadership experience.· Make new Toastmaster friends outside your home club.· Satisfy requirements for the Advanced Leader Silver award (see below).
Do not be shy about nominating yourself; stepping forward to fill a role indicates personal interest and is an admirable offer of service to the district. You may also nominate one or more other Toastmasters for particular roles.

District Officer Mission, Purpose and Qualifications
The mission of the district is to enhance the performance andextend the network of clubs, thereby offering greater numbersof people the opportunity to benefit from the Toastmasterseducational program by:□ Focusing on the critical success factors as specified bythe district educational and membership goals.□ Ensuring that each club effectively fulfills its responsibilitiesto its members.□ Providing effective training and leadership developmentopportunities for club and district officers.
Toastmasters International empowers people to achieve theirfull potential and realize their dreams. Through our memberclubs, people throughout the world can improve theircommunication and leadership skills, giving them the courageto change.
The mission/purpose and qualifications of each elected officer as follows:
Mission/PurposeAs the district's chief executive officer, directs the district in away which fosters strong clubs; produces maximum growth ineducation completions, club and membership; and isconsistent with the interests of members of ToastmastersInternational. Responsible for motivating the district toachieve Distinguished District. Achieves the mission of thedistrict in a manner which motivates volunteer leaders andpromotes a standard of excellence in all district activities.
At the time of taking office, the district governor shall haveserved at least six (6) consecutive months as a club presidentand at least twelve (12) consecutive months as a lt. governoror division governor or a combination thereof and must be amember in good standing of a Toastmasters club in goodstanding..
Mission/Purpose Under the guidance of the district governor, strives to haveevery club and each member reap the benefits of theToastmasters educational program and to have every clubbecome a Distinguished Club. Responsible for achievingDistinguished District goals for CCS, ACS and DistinguishedClubs. Provides direction and counsel todivision governors, area governors, and club officers on theeducational opportunities in Toastmasters. Responsible forthe design and conduct of successful district trainingprograms, conferences, and other district educational events.
Qualifications (at the time of taking office)
The lt. governor education and training shall have served atleast six (6) consecutive months as a club president and atleast twelve (12) consecutive months as a lt. governor,division governor, or an area governor, or a combinationthereof and must be a member in good standing of aToastmasters club in good standing..
Mission/Purpose Under guidance of the district governor, makes the benefits ofToastmasters membership available to greater numbers ofpeople. Plans, develops, implements, and directs short-termand long-term district marketing objectives. Develops anddirects programs for new club development, club rescueefforts, club membership promotion, and membershipretention. Responsible for achieving Distinguished Districtgoals for membership and club growth. Promotes standards ofservice to the member and to the club.
Qualifications (at the time of taking office)
The lt. governor marketing shall have served for at least six(6) consecutive months as a club president and at least twelve(12) consecutive months as a lt. governor, a division governor,or as an area governor, or a combination thereof and must be amember in good standing of a Toastmasters club in goodstanding..
Mission/Purpose Achieves the mission of the district within the division,accomplishing district goals in membership building andretention, club extension, and educational accomplishments.Ensures that each club realizes its mission and fulfills itsresponsibilities to its members. Responsible for achievingDistinguished Division Program goals and for ensuring thatareas and clubs within the division achieve Distinguishedstatus. Serves the division clubs by providing district supportand resources through the area governors.
Qualifications (at the time of taking office)
A division governor shall have served at least six (6)consecutive months as a member of a district council (e.g.,club president, vice president education, area governor, districtsecretary, district treasurer) and must be a member in goodstanding of a Toastmasters club in good standing.
Mission/Purpose Provides district contact, support, and assistance to the club sothat it may achieve the club mission and fulfill itsresponsibilities to its members. Helps clubs by keeping inregular contact with club presidents in the area and by visitingeach club at least twice during the year. Is responsible forachieving Distinguished Area Program goals and for ensuringthat each area club is a Distinguished Club.
Qualifications (at the time of taking office) Insofar as practicable, an area governor should have served asa member of a district council (e.g., club president, vicepresident education, or district officer) and must be a memberin good standing of a Toastmasters club in good standing.

*Note that offices satisfying a requirement for the Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) award are District Governor, Lt.Governor Marketing, Lt. Governor Education and Training, Public Relations Officer, Secretary, Treasurer, Division Governor, and Area Governor.


SL said...

LGET Ritchie,
1) Will be there one LGET and LGM position or two positions due to reformation plan?

2) Will Area Governor be elected at Area Council or at District Council meetings?

3) For Division Governor positions, will there be new Divisions added, hence new Division Governor positions or same number of Divisions for next term as this term.

Ritchie said...

SL Hello there!
~There will be 02 posn for LGM & LGET if the reformation plan goes as plan which will be tabled by the Board members this Feb 14th.
(although there may be challenges due to some inactive and weak clubs)

~ AG will be elected at their respective area council meeting.

~ SO far it looks like there may be 3 new divisions at most but again depending on how they perform at the April renewals.

Keep well...Look forward seeing you in Kuching!

SL said...

Thanks Ritchie. Any news confirming whether BOD has approved D51 reformation plan. SL