Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Club Officer Elections and Submissions

As soon as your club has elected its new officers, report their names and contact information to World Headquarters online. Log in as a club officer and use your club’s password to assign, change or add club officers. Current club officers can retrieve a lost club password by sending an e-mail to Please include your name, position, club number and district number.
If your club is not able to submit its officer list online, you can print the Club and Officer Information Form (PDF).  Be sure to type or print all information including your club’s name, club and district numbers, contact phone number, meeting day, meeting time, meeting place and club type. List all club officers, and provide their phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
You will need to submit:
  • one copy to Toastmasters International
    • Mail to:
      Member Services – Officers
      PO Box 9052
      Mission Viejo, CA 92690
    • or fax to:
      +1 - 949-858-1207
  • one copy for your club file
Clubs electing officers annually:
  • Online submission: 12:00 midnight, June 30
  • Fax submission: 12:00 midnight, June 30
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