Thursday, May 5, 2011

District 51 Officers elected during District council for the term 2011-2012

Congratulations to all these officers who were elected and appointed during the elections held at the D51 Council Meeting on Friday, 29 Apr 2011 at 2.30pm, Bayview Beach Hotel, Penang during the District 51 2011 Annual Convention.

District Office                                                          _________________________
District Governor                                                                        Sue Chan, DTM
Lieutenant Governor Education & Training ( LGET )   Ramdas Nayar, DTM
Lieutenant Governor Marketing ( LGM )                                 Kiang Faang Pyng, DTM

Appointed senior officers team:
District Public Relations Officer                                               Yoon Peng Yew
District Secretary                                                                       Jamila Farithullah Khan
District Treasurer                                                                       Johnson Tang

Division Governors                                                                    
  1. Division A Governor                                                   Tan Eng Suan, CC, ALB
  2. Division B Governor                                                   Lim Lay Kun, ACB, CL
  3. Division C Governor                                                   Chew Shel Ling, ACG, ALB
  4. Division G Governor                                                   Rohijas Md. Sharif, DTM
  5. Division H Governor                                                   Phang Wai Keong
  6. Division K Governor                                                   Mike Foong Wai Yi, ACB, CL
  7. Division M Governor                                                  Joe Chong Chai Choo, CC, CL
  8. Division N Governor                                                   Nithia
  9. Division P Governor                                                   Mandy S Y Ong, DTM
  10. Division Q Governor                                                   Vicky Cha Shih Chuen, CC, CL
  11. Division S Governor                                                   Christopher Choong, ACS, ALB
  12. Division W Governor                                                  Marian Lee, ACG, ALB

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