Tuesday, July 29, 2008

19 Advanced Communicator Achievers

As of July 29th 2008 report from TI WHQ, 19 members have achieved their Advance Educational Goals as in Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS) Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG) :-

Yapp Chi Yen, Agnes
Hernawan, Harry Nizam
Howe, Eddy Chew Boon
Sin, Siew Fun
Buja, Alexson Kelling
Fan, Chen Keat
Kueh, William
Manickam, Meyyappa
Yee, Ong Shiow
Setiawan, Arlan
Seong, Lee Wei
Low, Chye Seng
Meng, Fu Hwa Henry
Setiawan, Johan
Mui, Chin Poh
Joibi, Stanley
Chin, Norman
Yong, Wai Yip
Kueh, William

District wishes to extend our profound appreciation to their achievement as well as congratulating them for their courage to Conquer themselves.

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