Monday, July 7, 2008

Club Officers Training - Division B

Your willingness to serve your club in this voluntary position speaks highly of your character and commitment to keeping your club workable.

In this time of company down-sizing and workload increases, it takes people of vision and clear visualizations to step forward and say, "Yes, I'll do that!"

Being a club officer has the potential of being a very rewarding experience.
Many Toastmasters have found that in achieving a positive experience is to learn what the responsibilities of their office are and to illustrate on the past experience of those who have held that office to pick up tips and pointers which help avoid mistakes and make things easier.

In my experience I have found preparing myself for a new term of office by attending a district-sponsored education session has been beneficial in the following ways:
(1) I meet many of my counterparts in other clubs around the city, this network proves very beneficial when problems arise. When I contact my counterparts, I often find they have also encountered a similar problem and frequently have ingenious solutions to handle it.

(2) A lot of what proves to be useful as an officer is not found in books. The ideas shared by the facilitator and my counterparts help me understand the pitfalls and give me new approaches to things on which my club has gotten into a rut.

(3) When I attend training for an office which I've previously held, I usually pick some of the fine points of carrying out my responsibilities and am able to contribute ideas from my experience.

(4) When I participate in officer training at TLI, my club receives ½ DCP point toward its Distinguished Club Program (DCP)

Last Saturday noon on 5th July, I attended TLI sessions for Division B held at Stamford College PJ which has a total of 23 clubs throughout PJ, Shah Alam up to Kuantan & Terengganu including 04 new clubs that was just chartered last term -

* Penapisan Toastmasters Club * Metropolitan Bilingual Toastmasters Club

* KEU Toastmasters Club * KNM Toastmasters Club

During the opening address, newly elected into office, Division B Governor Zaharah Ibrahim, DTM spoke in details her vision and theme for the term and also take the opportunity alongside with me in launching their division Blogsite

Later I presented Zaharah and her team of Area Governors their Name Badges before giving a short opening message and explaining the District theme and District Governor Joseph Gomez calling for Club concentrating on membership retention and achieving Distinguished club status.

10 clubs qualify for 1/2 DCP point by sending their club officers to the training.

*CIMA *D'Utama *Tmn Indrahana *WDM *Crystal *D' Utama Advanced
*Mas Melor *Deloitte KassimChan *KEU *Phoenix


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