Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome Message

Today is 1st of July 2008, the first day for the term 2008/2009.

I am sure everyone is excited that term is finally starting after months of anticipation.

To quote the words of the famous philosopher Lao Tzu, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".

Now is the time for us to take the first step of our journey to serve the members of District 51.

Now's is the time for us to show our courage to conquer.

To get all of us to start off with the right footing, let's us hear some words of wisdom from our district governor, district LGET and district LGM as we usher in a great year for Toastmasters District 51. Take courage. Have a conquering year ahead!

Warmest regards,

Clement Pang, DTM
District Public Relations Officer (DPRO) 2008-2009
District Theme "The Courage To Conquer"
Dear Friends in Toastmasters, Welcome to the new term.

We should be thankful we belong to TOASTMASTERS and our past leaders have worked very hard to grow TOASTMASTERS in District 51, to what it is today.
Your current leaders are committed to work hard and grow this beautiful organization, so that we will be able to touch many more lives.

The district theme for this term is, THE COURAGE TO CONQUER.

We encourage you to use Toastmasters, to build the courage that you need, to conquer the excellence in communication and leadership skills.

The friendly and positive environment at each club provides you a good platform to build yourself. The term will be exciting and rewarding for those who make a concerted effort to improve their communication and leadership’s skills. Do have a successful term.


Joseph Gomez , DTM
District Governor 2008-2009

Dear D51 Members,

I am glad and greatly honored to be serving you as the LGM for the term 2008-2009.

We shall now be a TEAM and I invite you to join me to have the COURAGE TO CONQUER the challenges in enhancing your self-development, thus growing the District by leaps and bounds.

Toastmasters is for everyone and we should endeavor to "chat about it" at all possible instances. Share the benefits we have gained from joining such a fantastic organisation!

Share the love and passion we have for the organisation and also do share the transformation we go through by joining Toastmasters!

In line with this, I am hereby urging everyone to consciously remind ourselves to speak and to chat about Toastmasters to at least an individual every day.
Find the DETERMINATION in you to create all the OPPORTUNITIES possible with little SACRIFICE and ample ENTHUSIASM to help yourself and others discover greater potentials from the Toastmasters program!!

You can do it with D.O.S.E.

I am eager to touch base with all officers and members in all the Divisions as early as possible to learn from you while building a stronger FAMILY in District 51.

Wishing you the best till me meet.

Take care and enjoy every moment of the term 2008/2009.


Thannimalai L, CL, CC
Lt. Governor Marketing 2008-2009

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