Sunday, July 20, 2008

49 Distinguished Districts for the 2007-2008 year

Toastmasters International proudly names 49 Distinguished Districts for the 2007-2008 program year and have just sent their Congratulatory message to all the districts for their achievements in excellence and exemplifying the mission, vision and values of Toastmasters International.

It says,"Through your dedication and commitment of service to our organization more people are experiencing, and benefiting from, the Toastmasters program. The 2007-2008 program year marks our second highest year in district achievements and our distinguished districts represent 62% of all districts. That is truly an amazing accomplishment. Surely you have taken President Ford's theme to heart. You have all made a contribution to shaping yourselves, in turn shaping the world around you and our districts and organization are all better for it".

District 51 are indeed very grateful for the invaluable contributions and untiring efforts from each and everyone of you throughout the term 2007-2008. We certainly look forward to celebrate your achievements and recognize all those that contributed to our districts success and to your own success as leaders. Whether you were named a distinguished division,area and club or not, every single one of you should be celebrating your accomplishments. Remember, that together our collective contribution as clubs, areas and divisions all over the district is what makes us truly successful. Again, congratulations. It has been truly the honor of 2007~2008 District Governor K K Chee, LGET Joseph Gomez and myself serving each of you.

We are now confirmed to be recognised as a 2007~2008 President's Distinguished District ( Top 06 District in the world) securing the 6th spot from among 79 District participating in the Distinguished District Program.

This achievement makes us achieving the PDD's Status for a record 11th times eversince we first participated as a full district status in the term 1996~1997.

1. 1996-1997 -PDD No # 02 DG Dunstan Chan

2. 1997-1998 -PDD No # 02 DG S L Liew

3. 1998-1999 -PDD No # 01 DG Datuk Adeline Leong

4. 1999-2000 -PDD No # 01 DG Maimunah Natasha

5. 2000-2001 -PDD No # 01 DG Christopher Teo

6. 2001-2002 -PDD No # 01 DG Lilian Lau

7. 2002-2003 -PDD No # 01 DG Dr.John Lau

8. 2003-2004 -PDD No # 02 DG Ho Fong Ming

9. 2004-2005 -PDD No # 04 DG Dr.A.Arulnathan

10. 2006-2007 -PDD No # 04 DG Sivanganam Rajaretnam

To access the final District Performance Report: Toastmasters: Shaping Ourselves . . Shaping Our World!
With Thanks and Gratitude,

Richard Chong @ Ritchie ACS / ALB
LGM D51 2007/2008
Lt.Gov Edu & Trng 2008/2009

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