Monday, July 21, 2008

Newest Clubs for the Term 2008-2009

These were the two newest clubs that was added to our District for the new term 2008~2009!

HICT Toastmasters Club - Club # 1211904 (HELP International College of Technology)

Chartered on July 01st 2008 in area C2 located in Klang.

MELIA KL Toastmasters Club - Club # 1211889

Chartered on July 01st 2008 in area P3 located in Kuala Lumpur

Credit must be given to 2007~2008 Division Governor C & P -

Parames Ramanathan of Div C & Ganesh Sankaran of Div P for their continuous help in the new club growth for their division and the District as well as DG 2007-2008 KK Chee for his meticulous planning!

Congratulations to the respective areas and divisions.

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