Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Club Officers Training - TLI

District 51 hold training sessions for Club officers, known as Toastmasters Leadership Institute, twice a year for club officers and for any other members who wish to attend.

District sponsored TLI training has trainers who are either District officers or who are well recognized as experts throughout the District. District-sponsored TLI training is usually on Saturdays or Sundays. There are usually 6 -7 officer classes during the first two hours, followed by several 1-2 hour electives. Details are arranged by and publicized by the TLI Chair.

Who can go? Anyone. You don't have to be an officer to attend. In fact, if you are thinking about becoming an officer in the future, go to some of the officer sessions to see which officer you'd like to be. Or just go to the electives to help you improve your Communication or Leadership skills.

What if I am an officer in two different clubs? If you are a different officer in each club then you need to attend training for each office or attend Advanced Officer Training (when offered). If you're the same officer in both clubs, you need to only attend on session. However you need to register for both clubs so you get credit for each club.

I'm VP Membership for the 3rd year in a row. Do I still have to go to training? Yes. Of course, you might get different ideas at this training session. And you can provide additional insights to the newer members at the training session.

I'm not an officer. Why would I want to go? If you're thinking about becoming an officer in the future, you can attend different officer training classes to help you decide which position you'd like to become.
The electives can you build your communication or leadership skills in general.
You can learn how to help out on a committee by attending an officer's training class.

What should I bring? If you're an officer and attending your officer training, it would be helpful to bring your manual. If you haven't received it, your previous President should have it. If they do not have the manuals sent in May, contact me (LGET) for other arrangement.

District 51 presents to you and club executive member the club officer
training dates for every division as follows:

Division A 29 June 2008 (Saturday)

Division B 05 July 2008 (Saturday)

Division C 12 July 2008 (Saturday)

Division D 19 July 2008 (Saturday)

Division E 12 July 2008 (Saturday)

Division H 26 July 2008 (Saturday)

Division I 12 July 2008 (Sartuday)

Division J 12 July 2008 (Saturday)

Division K 06 July 2008 (Sunday)

Division M 20 July 2008 (Sunday) North

03 Aug 2008 (Sunday) Central

Division N 29 June 2008 (Sunday)

Division P 19 July 2008 (Saturday)

Division S 29 June 2008 (Sunday)

Division W 28 June 2008 (Saturday)

For more info, please contact your respective Division Governors.

Any comments, please write.

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